The 5 Must-Dos in Knokke-Heist

Find out here what you should definitely not miss when visiting Knokke-Heist!


Nothing quite compares to the lure of the sea. The long, wide sandy beaches form a unique backdrop, in all four seasons. Walk the dog in winter, wrapped up in a cosy warm coat. After the spectacular storms, see the beach cabins, beach bars, and water sports clubs reappear on the beach in spring for that unique experience. In the summer, spend long days sunbathing, with the light sea breeze making the blistering summer heat more bearable, or take a plunge in the opalescent waters off our Blue Flag beaches. And then enjoy the last autumn sun, watching the endless cycle of the tides, before warming your hands and heart with delicious food and drink in a brasserie. 


Wonderful! Boasting an impressive 1,500 local businesses, Knokke-Heist is the premier destination for anyone wishing to take a bit of the good life home with them. Scour the flagship stores of famous brands, pop-up stores of emerging designers, or the passionate, personal selections of curated boutiques for the latest fashion trends and timeless classics. Interiors? Knokke-Heist has world-class interior design shops, whether you are looking for floral art, furniture or decoration. And where else than in Knokke-Heist can you find globally-renowned stores specialised in classic cars, champagne, yachts, golf equipment, dog toys, vintage design, exotic animal hides, and luxury Cuban cigars? Lippenslaan, Dumortierlaan, Kustlaan and Zeedijk-Zoute have always held a unique attraction. 


Knokke-Heist has lots of lush nature to explore. Open space accounts for approximately 75% of our municipality’s territory. Cycling through rural landscapes and along canals, walking through parks, woodlands and dune areas, or along the 11 km long Zeedijk: we recommend you give them all a try! And don’t forget the jewel in the crown: the Zwin Nature Park. Here you will see purple sea lavender, storks high on their nests clacking their beaks, rare birds on their way to the warm south, and the enchanting daily spectacle of the tides. Every day, the sea floods the brackish grasslands, salt marshes and mudflats. So even though you're wearing wellies, it’s in your interest to leave this unique part of Belgium on time! The international airport for birds invites you to stop the clock and explore and experience nature.


Are you knowledgeable about art? Or just discovering it? In either case, Knokke-Heist is the ideal destination. Here you can explore, admire, understand or pause for thought in more than 90 art galleries, studios and exhibition spaces. Some galleries specialise in the greatest modern artists, and are more like contemporary art museums, while others exhibit the work of young artists or unique discoveries, and some artists' studios open their doors to the public. A visit is your ticket to a fascinating discussion. And who knows, you may even fall head over heels in love with a painting or sculpture! The busy arts calendar is supplemented with a unique statue park, which spans the seaside resort’s many streets and squares. And did we also mention that you can see René Magritte’s ‘The Enchanted Domain’ in the Grand Casino? 


Love goes through the stomach, or so they say. Perhaps that’s why so many people love Knokke-Heist so much. Here the tastiest morsels from the salty sea and the fertile polder soil find their way to your plate. Shrimp croquettes and Dover sole, alongside aged beef and Coucou de Malines. Knokke-Heist is home to an unrivalled number of restaurants with top scores in culinary guides. In fact, Knokke-Heist is the only town in the world to have its own, dedicated Gault&Millau guide. Here the sky lights up with Michelin stars. Bistros, brasseries and family-friendly restaurants cater to everyone’s taste. The ice creams are too delicious for words, the weekly markets are a never-ending source of tasty delicacies, and the local traiteurs, bakers and butchers are rightly proud of their produce. No wonder that so many visitors load up their car with goodies from the seaside when they leave!