30 Windsocks - Griet Dobbels

Griet Dobbels graduated from Sint-Lucas Ghent with a Master’s degree in the visual arts. Two years later, she obtained a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London. She also lived in Kyoto, Japan, as an exchange student for three months. Dobbels designed windsocks for our 9-km long zeedijk. They are similar to the windsocks used at airports. But Dobbels did not stick to the traditional red and white colour combination. Instead, she has designed windsocks in various shapes and fantastic colour combinations. Although the windsocks are made of weather-proof fabrics, they have to be regularly renewed by a specialised firm, based on new designs by Dobbels.

Location: the installations are on display in ten spots (3 windsocks per spot) along Zeedijk from the Easter
vacation until after the autumn vacation.

Heist: Vissershuldeplein and Heldenplein

Duinbergen: Joseph Stübben Park and De Wandelaar

Knokke: Casino, Rubensplein, Van Bunnenplein and Lichttorenplein

Het Zoute: Albertplein and top of Zeedijk-Oosthinderstraat