Burgemeester de Ghelderepark
8300 Knokke-Heist

The organic shapes of this artwork resemble speech bubbles, like those in comic books. People gather and chatter over each other, making the lines overlap. That’s why the initial title of this piece was Everybody is Talking. Because the artwork has four sides and is positioned on a square pedestal, it aligns with the cardinal directions of a compass. The etymology of the word ‘news’ suggests a connection between sharing news and orienting oneself. According to popular belief, ‘news’ was once considered an acronym, representing north, east, west, and south. Another organic form apparent in the sculpture’s shape is that of clouds, ever-changing with the wind – a subtle nod to the Beaufort wind force scale.

Richard Deacon started by pressing together sections of flattened tubes to interlock them seamlessly. The seams between the shapes are left visible, ensuring the stacked arrangement remains obvious. Crafted from stainless steel, the surface features delicate, swirling lines generated through a repetitive abrasive motion, a process that makes a pattern appear serving as decoration, its appearance shifting with changes in light and the viewer’s movements, much like the ever-changing nature of news.