BEAUFORT - Trouble Sea

Directeur-Generaal Willemspark
Frans Welvispad
8300 Knokke-Heist

Drawing from her passion for architecture, Lucie Lanzini gathers details from buildings. Here, the structure Trouble Sea evokes a window. Isolated and taken out of context, it forms a frame that allows us to view the landscape in a different way. The incomplete and disoriented glass leaves space in the frame: you can step through the sculpture, as if it were a gateway. The work, situated in the park near the dunes, serves as an opening to the sea. The pastel blue tint of the glass refers to the surrounding landscape.

Lucie Lanzini skillfully invites us to forge a new connection with familiar objects through nuanced interventions. The steel gleams, resembling a mirror, while the glass, in contrast, takes on a cloudy “ocean glass” appearance, rippling like the sea. Consequently, our perspective is somewhat unclear. The waves are portrayed vertically, introducing an unexpected element that prompts a second and altered glance.

The rope is a recurring element in Lucie Lanzini's work: sometimes in resin, here executed in bronze down to the smallest details, it refers to fishing rope, to the port. It is a familiar object of the seaside. Its unsettling realism draws you into the work. Here the rope loses its flexibility and function, but it takes on a more symbolic dimension by evoking the idea of connection. Opting for a bronze rendition establishes a distinct connection between the material and the observer.