Heist Carnaval

Pannenstraat 138
8300 Knokke-Heist


For his composition, Brecht Evens used 250 photos from the past 30 years of Carnival in Heist as inspiration for his work. It resulted in an impressive Ensorian and Hieronymus Bosch-like spectacle of celebrating carnivalesque individuals and floats. Brecht Evens' artwork on a small scale was subsequently converted by Treepack Murals and Street Art on a side wall of a house into a 120m² large graffiti fresco.


This internationally renowned cartoonist and illustrator is known for his unconventional watercolor technique without outlines. Brecht Evens uses a striking color palette in which he plays with geometry and contrasts. Brecht Evens has already won 20 international prizes with his work.