Le Bois de St-Bonnet - Nadia Naveau

8300 Knokke

About the artwork

The sculpture seems to be an accidental collage of elements. Naveau plays with the boundaries between figurative and abstract art, classical and contemporary touches.  This work of art is a quest for renewal. The sculpture was originally built up from moulded wet clay. Once the mould had been made, Naveau opted for a final finish using white plaster, thereby eliminating any references to colour or materials from the sculpture.

About the artist

Nadia Naveau is predominantly known for her figurative sculptures. Her sculptures never consist of one single shape. Instead, they are always composed, combining multiple forms. Her imagery comprises an eclectic mix of materials and colours that seem to come together like an accidental collage. Her sculptures always originate from clay modelling, whereby chance and failure are often considered an opportunity.