Western - Dirk Zoete

Corner of Dudzelestraat and Dorpsstraat, Westkapelle

About the artwork

Western is a ten-metre-high tower and is made up of pipe sections from the well-known former sewage pipes. The artist was intrigued by the idea of creating a piece of art using a material that is normally concealed underground, with earth as its raw material. The pieces of pipe are hollow, allowing light to pass through them from all sides. This makes the tower resemble something akin to a reed basket or a beehive. A large compass rose has been mounted on top, with a tractor tyre providing its most striking element.

About the artist

Dirk Zoete studied graphic arts. His works develop the ideas of energy (heat, light and water), space and landscape in non-obvious ways within one architectural whole, creating a link between the reality of the landscape and the image it conjures in the observer.