ART Knokke-Heist

ART Knokke-Heist edition 27

The following galeries welcome you during their open weekend on 26 and 27 October 2019.

Absolute Art Gallery Zeedijk, Absolute Art Gallery Kustlaan, Adrian David Gallery, Art Center Horus, MOdus8, Art Gallery, Art Gallery Ronny Paesbrugghe, Art Gallery Swinnen, Art Gallery Vereenooghe, Art Gallery Woussen, Arte Zoute, Artissan, Axel Pairon Gallery, Bart Verheyen Gallery, Berko Fine Paintings, Bogert Gallery 732, Bogert Gallery 746, Boon Gallery, Cafmeyer Gallery, d’Haudrecy Art Gallery, Early Birds Art Gallery, Galerie Van Campen & Rochtus, Galerie van den Brand, Galerie Zuid Zeedijk, Galerie Zuid Zwaluwenlaan, Gokelaere & Robinson, Guy Pieters Gallery, Jan D’hondt, Jones Gallery Knokke, Jones Gallery Zoute, Kathart Gallery Zeedijk, Kathart Gallery Zoutelaan, Kunstgalerie Ceysens, Sonjart Gallery, Kunstgalerie De Mijlpaal, Maes Galerie, MDZ Art Gallery, Momentum Art Gallery, Morbee Gallery, Never Give Up Gallery, Retsin Gallery, Robinsons Art Gallery, Ronny Van de Velde, Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery, Stephan Bar Art Gallery, Svenson Art, Ten Gallery, The Cappelleschi Gallery, Winwood Gallery, YellowKorner


Three times a year our art galleries coordinate their diaries to organise a joint opening event (vernissage). This takes place on the first weekend of the summer, autumn and Easter holidays. During ART Knokke-Heist art lovers discover various classical art movements ranging from popart and modern art to contemporary art. Our brochure guides them through the streets of Knokke-Heist towards our stunning and exclusive art galleries. Exclusive, explosive and amazing! That's what ART Knokke-Heist is all about.

Overview of all  art galeries in Knokke-Heist