Blue Buddha Beach

Zeedijk 322
8300 Knokke-Heist
0496 79 18 04
info [at]

Why did you choose this name for your beach bar?

Blue Buddha refers to a relaxed zen type atmosphere where young and old can enjoy themselves within an exclusive setting. Our aim is to evoke a sense of paradise where everyone can find peace and quiet. Blue is a cool colour, which evokes calm and contentment. The terrace consists of a combination of white, streamlined lounge seats and driftwood furniture.

What makes your beach unique?

Blue Buddha Beach is a trendy place for young and old. Our beach club has a lovely, no nonsense ambiance, giving you the opportunity to lounge around, chill out or savour some tapas with your feet in the sand. The terrace overlooks a large expanse of sea and sand. Children can enjoy the large playground and every weekend parents can listen to the sounds of a DJ arranging exactly the right summer sounds.

What should visitors to the beach definitely sample in your establishment?

Bombay Buddha is definitely a must. This fruity, summery gin is served with Schweppes Premium Mixer Hibiscus, lime & strawberry. Our Dirty Pink (grapefruit juice, lime juice & Schweppes Premium Mixer Hibiscus) and Blackberry Soda (lime juice, blueberries, honey & Schweppes Premium Mixer Ginger Ale) mocktails are a pleasant and refreshing surprise.

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