Coconut Beach

Zeedijk 291
8300 Knokke-Heist
0494 39 68 42
info [at]

Why did you choose this name for your beach bar?

The name refers to a small, welcoming bar in Brazil. When you visit our section of the beach, Coconut Beach immediately evokes a summer atmosphere with the emphasis on families.

What makes your beach unique?

Coconut Beach in Knokke-Heist stands out with its contemporary, Mediterranean concept. The informal ambiance, focus on quality and personal approach create a perfect, inviting and comfortable beach experience. With its cosy lounge Coconut Beach offers just what you are looking for in Knokke-Heist.

What should visitors to the beach definitely sample in your establishment?

Coconut Beach is one of the most attractive cocktail bars on the beach in Heist. The highly creative cocktail menu is packed with ingredients you have probably never come across before. Cocktails served in a jar? Yup, expect originality. Not really a cocktail fan? In that case why not try one of our delightful gin & tonics.

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