Knokke-Strand Beach Club

Zeedijk 661
8300 Knokke-Heist
0475 61 65 83
daniel [at]

Why did you choose this name for your beach bar?

Knokke-Strand (Knokke-Beach) seemed obvious because our section of the beach is close to Lichttorenplein, in the centre of the fashionable resort of Knokke. Allow yourself to be swept away by the ambiance and walk barefoot across a beach that guarantees pleasure in bucket loads.

What makes your beach unique?

We have run this family friendly beach together with our children for 20 years. Everything is made of wood and handmade by our father and son team. We created the first playground, testimony of our child friendly approach. The chic but homely setting exudes a family friendly approach, whilst tempting you to take a break on our soft and inviting loungers at the same time. Our exclusive lounge invites you to enjoy a luxury cocktail or aperitif and the cosy terrace – close to the children’s play area – is the place to end a great day on the beach!

What should visitors to the beach definitely sample in your establishment?

Our home made cocktails are extremely popular. Would you prefer something non-alcoholic? Then why not try our home made mocktails and smoothies. Pure enjoyment!

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