Beach & promenade - Coronavirus-proof


Beach & promenade in Knokke-heist THIS SUMMER

What you need to know 

  • In Knokke-Heist it is compulsory to wear a mouth mask in publicly accessible places and in the red parking zones. The red parking zones are located in the busier places and shopping streets in the municipality. The zones can be recognised by the parking machines.
  • Furthermore, a mouth mask is always compulsory when queuing and in places where parents drop off and/or pick up their children (e.g. schools, sports centres, youth clubs, etc.).
  • From 1 September onwards, everyone from the age of 12 is also obliged to carry a mouth mask at all times when entering the territory of Knokke-Heist.
  • In Knokke-Heist, you don’t have to book your beach spot. Group ‘bubbles’ (people from the same household) can be formed in a convertible cabin for up to 8 persons (‘cabriocabine’) or elsewhere on the beach. Convertible cabins do not need to be reserved in advance but work according to the first come, first served principle.
  • The use of beach windbreaks is highly recommended. 
  • Go-carts may whizz along the promenade and cyclists are allowed on the lane next to the promenade. 
  • The beach bars are open but must also comply with the federal measures. Although you can book loungers, this is not mandatory. 
  • The beach is divided into zones and beach coaches are deployed in each zone to keep everything on the right track and answer any questions. In addition, the crowds on the beach and promenade are monitored to stop things getting too busy. 
  • The possession and use of strong alcoholics drinks and improperly used intoxicants is prohibited on the free beach on the Belgian coast. 

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