4 Monoliths - Ulrich Rückriem

Rückriem initially worked as a stonemason, among others on the restoration of the Dom church in Cologne. As of 1962, he started to create abstract sculptures, using wood, steel and ultimately limiting himself to stone. Rückriem is more of a minimalist, choosing to concentrate on the essential characteristics of sculpture, i.e. dimension, volume, material, process, space and place. The artist lives and works in Clonegal, County Carlow, Ireland.

Rückriem’s preferred technique, which he uses most often, is to cut and split the stone along straight lines. This idea of working with these ‘fault lines’ is typical of Rückriem’s Minimal Art. The four colossal blocks which have been hewn from Austrian granite rocks together weigh 48 tons. The visible holes and fissures are normal traces of the sculpture process. The proportions are in accordance with mathematical principles. However monumental these works may be, they are in total harmony with the location where they have been installed. This four-piece puzzle can be
reduced to one complete element.

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