Lifeguard's Chair

Kris Martin (Kortrijk, 1972) is a conceptual artist who originally trained to be an architect. He uses different materials, including ceramics, stone and metal as well as found objects. Key themes in his mainly conceptual works are time and the fate of mankind.

‘Art is like a lasagne. When the top layer looks dismally grey, nobody feels like cutting into the lasagne and examining the layers beneath.’ Martin in Schamper, the student publication of the University of Ghent.

A simple Lifeguard’s chair, made of stainless steel and polished for an unparalleled sheen, along the shoreline, but facing the beach. The sculpture should be interpreted reflectively: ‘We need to continuously question ourselves in a constantly evolving world; the view of the endless horizons, and at the same time also a critical reflection. There’s nobody in the chair. Nobody can saves us. Only we can save ourselves, if we realise this on time.’ Martin’s work has been exhibited among others in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the White Cube in London.

Sponsored by door de Marnixring De Blinckaert

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