The Poet - Ossip Zadkine

8300 Knokke-Heist

Ossip Zadkine, a French artist of Belarusian origin, became famous as a sculptor. However, he also created several lithographs and gouaches. His work was influenced by Cubism, Surrealism and African primitive art. His early creations are more introverted in shape and are characterised by a block-like structure. Over time, his sculptures became more fluid in terms of structure, thanks to the harmonious relationship between the volumes and cavities.

‘The Poet’ is a bronze figure which rests on square stone pedestals. The sculpture as the expression of the notion of the ‘singer of freedom’. The town of Knokke-Heist acquired the sculpture in the framework of the Zadkine exhibition of 1963 in the Casino of Knokke. ‘The Poet’ clasps Orpheus’s lyre against his chest; it is an ‘unfinished’ sculpture of a man, which was created from a knotty branch, featuring hieroglyphs/fragments from Paul Eluard’s poem ‘Liberté’.

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