Rose Des Vents II - Wim Delvoye

8300 Knokke-Heist

Delvoye’s work is characterised by a strong interest in the traditional production process of craftsmen. Often irony plays an important role. He likes to provoke and confront. At the same time, his art is very serious and his creations often give cause for discussions. He plays a subtle game of meanings and associations. The pig, for example, originally lived in the wild and is a very intelligent creature. These days pigs have become an industrial product, a pale pink equivalent of the naked white man, a proverbial example of stupidity.

The ‘peeing angel’ in patinated polyester, which has been reviled and cherished by residents and tourists alike, in effect is a compass rose and fountain. Here again, the confrontation between religious kitsch and popular lewdness is apparent.

Wim Delvoye: ‘The more people badmouth my angel, the better. At least they look at it. People think it’s dirty, while excrement is actually hygienic. I can’t stand filth’.

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