Cartoon Festival 2017: Eureka – The human being as nosey parker and clever clogs

Strand t.h.v. Heldenplein Heist
Zeedijk-Heist 214
8301 Knokke-Heist
01.07.2017 > 03.09.2017 - 10:00 > 19:00

The International Cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist has a long and rich history. For 56 years, cartoonists from all over the world have been bringing all types of humour to the Belgian coast. The edition 2017 “Eureka – The human being as nosey parker and clever clogs” this summer returns to the place where it all began in 1962, the community of Heist. Near the ‘Heldenplein’ a Cartoon Pavilion will be built on the beach where from 1 July until 3 September you can discover in a playful and cartoonesque way how technology has shaped our lives throughout history. Entrance to the festival is - as always - free!