Charging Points

Knokke-Heist encourages the use of electric vehicles. The town council has thrown its weight behind Electric Vehicles in Action or EVA for short.
EVA is a joint initiative between public and private partners to encourage the use of electric vehicles, both for cars and mopeds.


Public charging points

These charging points operate with a charge pass. These passes can be optained by Blue Corner or CenEnergy. Parking is free in the allocated spaces whilst you are recharging your vehicle. 


  • Knokke-Heist Tourist Board (west side of the tourist office) (*)
    Lichttorenplein 6
  • Knokke Town Hall (north side of the town hall) (*)
    Alfred Verweeplein 25
  • Bronlaan (**)
    Bronlaan 150 (t.h.v. Zwinlaan)
  • Parking railway station Knokke (**)
    Knokkestraat 672
  • Lippenslaan (in the area of A. Verweeplein) (*)
    Lippenslaan 63
  • Lippenslaan (in the area of Van Bunnenplein) (*)
    Lippenslaan 389
  • Oosthoek (*)
    Oosthoekplein 7 (in the area of the bus station)
  • Parking Stormmeeuw
    Edward Verheyestraat 14-16 (mid 2020)

  • Zwin Nature Parc parking
    Graaf Leon Lippensdreef

  • Kustlaan 146

  • CC Scharpoord parking
    Maxim Willemspad 1


  • Nissan Demeyere (*)
    Westkapellestraat 180
  • Heldenplein (*)
    Heldenplein 8 


  • Astridplein (*) (**)
    Astridplein 12
  • Hotel Du Soleil (for free)
    Zeegrasstraat 22

(*) Charging points work with Blue Corner cards

(**) Charging points from CenEnergy

Charge passes

Charge passes from Blue Corner are available online.

Charge passes from CenEnergy are available online or via +32 3 334 07 09.

Operating the charging card

Arrival - Start

  • Hold the charging card in front of the reader
  • Select a plug that is not being used and plug in (LED blue light = connected)

Departure - Stop

  • Hold the charging card in front of the reader
  • Pull the plug out (LED white light = disconnected)

Underground car parks

The paying underground car parks also have electric charging terminals for cars. You don’t need a subscription to recharge your vehicle and there is no charge for this service. You simply pay the parking charge applicable in the car park. 


  • Parking Ijzerpark
    Dumortierlaan 90A
  • Parking Minigolf Zoute
    Sparrendreef 103

Parking Town Hall:

4 charging points

  • Parking Town Hall
    Alfred Verweeplein 1

Charging points in Knokke-Heist (bicycle)

Address Location Number of charging points
Elizabetlaan 321 Chalet Suisse 1
Graaf Leon Lippensdreef Zwin Nature Parc (parking) 10 + 9 battery lockers
Lichttorenplein West side of the tourist office 6
Lippenslaan 63 In the area of A. Verweeplein 4
Lippenslaan 299 In the area of Dumortierlaan  3
Lippenslaan 389 In the area of Van Bunnenplein 8
Natiënlaan 77 Carrefour 2
Zeedijk-Albertstrand 432 Fietscafé Duinresidence 1
Zeedijk-Heist 172 Tearoom De Vuurtoren 1