Charging Points

Knokke-Heist encourages the use of electric vehicles. The town council has thrown its weight behind Electric Vehicles in Action or EVA for short.
EVA is a joint initiative between public and private partners to encourage the use of electric vehicles, both for cars and mopeds.


Public charging points

These charging points operate with a charge pass. These passes can be optained by Blue Corner or CenEnergy. Parking is free in the allocated spaces whilst you are recharging your vehicle. 


  • Knokke-Heist Tourist Board (west side of the tourist office) (*)
    Lichttorenplein 6
  • Knokke Town Hall (north side of the town hall) (*)
    Alfred Verweeplein 25
  • Bronlaan (**)
    Bronlaan 150 (t.h.v. Zwinlaan)
  • Parking railway station Knokke (**)
    Knokkestraat 672
  • Lippenslaan (in the area of A. Verweeplein) (*)
    Lippenslaan 63
  • Lippenslaan (in the area of Van Bunnenplein) (*)
    Lippenslaan 389
  • Oosthoek (*)
    Oosthoekplein 7 (in the area of the bus station)
  • Parking Stormmeeuw
    Edward Verheyestraat 14-16 (mid 2020)

  • Zwin Nature Parc parking
    Graaf Leon Lippensdreef

  • Kustlaan 146

  • CC Scharpoord parking
    Maxim Willemspad 1


  • Nissan Demeyere (*)
    Westkapellestraat 180
  • Heldenplein (*)
    Heldenplein 8 


  • Astridplein (*) (**)
    Astridplein 12
  • Hotel Du Soleil (for free)
    Zeegrasstraat 22

(*) Charging points work with Blue Corner cards

(**) Charging points from CenEnergy

Charge passes

Charge passes from Blue Corner are available online or from the two Knokke-Heist Tourist Board offices (Zeedijk 660 in Knokke and Pannenstraat 140 in Heist). Once you have filled in your name and address on a standard form and handed over your identity card to be copied, you will receive the free charge terminal pass. The charge terminal pass which is available from Knokke-Heist Tourist Board is linked to the 'Blue Corner Starter' formula.

Charge passes from CenEnergy are available online or via +32 3 334 07 09.

Operating the charging card

Arrival - Start

  • Hold the charging card in front of the reader
  • Select a plug that is not being used and plug in (LED blue light = connected)

Departure - Stop

  • Hold the charging card in front of the reader
  • Pull the plug out (LED white light = disconnected)

Underground car parks

The paying underground car parks also have electric charging terminals for cars. You don’t need a subscription to recharge your vehicle and there is no charge for this service. You simply pay the parking charge applicable in the car park. 


Each car park has two parking spaces which you can reserve in advance (+32 50 331 432). On your arrival at the car park, notify the parking attendant and he or she will give you access to the charging terminal.

  • Parking Ijzerpark
    Dumortierlaan 90A
  • Parking Minigolf Zoute
    Sparrendreef 103

Parking Town Hall:

4 charging points

  • Parking Town Hall
    Alfred Verweeplein 1

Charging points in Knokke-Heist (bicycle)

Address Location Number of charging points
Elizabetlaan 321 Chalet Suisse 1
Graaf Leon Lippensdreef Zwin Nature Parc (parking) 10 + 9 battery lockers
Lichttorenplein West side of the tourist office 6
Lippenslaan 63 In the area of A. Verweeplein 4
Lippenslaan 299 In the area of Dumortierlaan  3
Lippenslaan 389 In the area of Van Bunnenplein 8
Nati├źnlaan 77 Carrefour 2
Zeedijk-Albertstrand 432 Fietscaf├ę Duinresidence 1
Zeedijk-Heist 172 Tearoom De Vuurtoren 1