With the wind in your face

There’s no better way to discover a town or region than on foot or by bike. You’ll not only stumble across places you might never have found otherwise, you can also stop where and when you feel like it.

In Knokke-Heist, the 9 km sea dyke is the first choice for many walkers and cyclists, but there is much more on offer. In the hinterland, the polders are just waiting to be explored, and instead of borders, we have an entire network of walking and cycling paths stretching from Knokke-Heist to De Panne, the countryside of Bruges and the Netherlands.

The sea dyke is the longest cycling path in Knokke-Heist and is suitable for both adults and children.

Everybody can cycle on it to their heart’s content on extraordinary tricycles, go-carts and quadracycles (which can take the whole family).

Would you rather follow a signposted route?

There are a large number of short or lengthy outings in the expansive countryside surrounding Knokke-Heist – with no steep climbs!

The Toerisme Knokke-Heist offices have a range of cycling maps on which detailed cycling routes are clearly shown. Can’t make it to our office? You can also buy them through our webshop.
Examples include: 

  • Coastal Route (93 km)
    This unique cycle route is the first of eight Flemish ‘iconic cycle routes’. The Coastal Route is a great option for a multi-day seaside cycling holiday. This Coastal Route also connects seamlessly with the Coastal Route in the Netherlands and ‘La Vélomaritime’ in France, blurring national boundaries and allowing for a smooth cross-border bike tour.
  • Bruges Hinterland Cycling Network
    If you feel like a lengthy outing, then this network will give you almost 900 km of cycling pleasure in one of the most beautiful tourist regions in Flanders.
  • Coastal Cycling Network
    The 86 km Coastal Cycling Path offers you a selection of the natural beauty and seaside resorts available on the Flemish coast. But take it from us that the costal polders behind the dunes are also a true cycling paradise.
  • West Zeeland Flanders Cycling Network
    The dykes covered in tall trees, the gorgeous creeks, the never-ending rural roads with their old willows, the marshy grasslands, the Spanish forts, the dunes, and the sandy and clayey earth (thanks to clay deposits on the sand) are all characteristic of the region. Come and visit and experience everything that makes the treasures of Zeeland Flanders so special!
  • BeeOdiversity Cycling route 
    Route West (13.3km) in Duinbergen and Heist and Route East (10km) in the area of Knokke. 

Check out our cycling routes on Routeyou

RouteYou is a company active in the field of recreational navigation. RouteYou provides digital information (maps, routes, points of interest) and (web-based) software tools designed for cycling, walking, tourism, sports and other activities. Their tools can be used on the web, mobile web, GPS devices and smartphones. Find your cycling route, download it for free and set off!

If you use a smartphone, then the Westvlinderen app may be just the thing for you.
Using West-Vlinderen, you can create a new outing on foot or on your bike in West Flanders until it fits you perfectly. Flutter between action and recreation and get your friends to follow in your tracks.
The West-Vlinderen app knows exactly where you are, thanks to your smartphone’s GPS, and can immediately propose tailored routes for you. Using the network node numbers, you can flutter between locations, and just one touch of your screen will get you all the information you need. If the route is not what you had in mind, then your phone will quickly come up with a new suggestion.

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Enjoy your ride!