Duinbergen combines its location along the promenade with all the charm of a tiny village. It's cosy, convivial and homely. Where you can fall asleep to the soothing sound of the sea, or brave the waves on your surfboard. Roaming the dunes, scouring the sandy beach for shells, or taking a plunge in the subtropical swimming pool: this district offers plenty of relaxation and fun adventures. Stay in one of the lovely, white villas and head out to explore – with friends, family, or on your own. Because Duinbergen has something for everyone!


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In Duinbergen, Zeedijk starts at Anemos (17), a no-nonsense water sports club with a typical surf ambience. There are two trendy beach bars en route, where people of all ages like to meet up. The mantra you’ll hear over and over again? Enjoy the beach in a family-friendly atmosphere. The soft cushions make all the difference. You can lounge, unwind, and tuck into some tapas, with your toes in the sand. There is also a large playground for children. Their parents often take to the petanque courts, with a glass of wine in hand. Sounds lovely, no? From the beach club of RBSC Duinbergen (18), you can see all the way to Rubensplein. The rigging of the sail boats and catamarans whistle in the wind, as they wait to take to the waves. This stretch of Zeedijk is relatively quiet, making it the perfect place for a go-cart ride or to watch the waves from a bench. Stop at Glacier de la Poste or Bij Sandy for some (farmhouse) ice cream. Kids Beach opposite Sterrenlaan is a great place for children to run amok on the bouncy castles and trampolines.

Has your step counter not hit 10,000 yet? In that case, stretch your calf muscles and climb De Wandelaar (1). This famous slope near the surf club is very popular with cyclists. It is final uphill sprint for riders on the Baloise Belgium Tour. An impressive sight, to be honest. But not as impressive as the views from the top of De Wandelaar across the stunning North Sea beach. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Rubensplein in Knokke. And on a very clear day, you may even be able to spot the Netherlands and the skyline of Vlissingen in Zeeland in the distance. De Wandelaar is also very popular among art connoisseurs. The Scharpoord Cultural Centre often hosts temporary open-air exhibitions here. Another to-do! In August, De Wandelaar is the perfect spot to watch the displays during Knokke-Heist's annual fireworks festival.

Walk away from Zeedijk and Duinbergen reveals itself to be a veritable architectural gem. Duinbergen became the very opposite of a town, thanks to urban planner Jozef Stübben. He preferred the English cottage style and aspired to create somewhere residents could unwind in natural surroundings. The cottages have since been interspersed with villas in the regional farmhouse style. During the period between the two world wars, several modernist villas were also built. Jozef Stübbenpark (2), which was designed by the architect after whom it is named, is located in the heart of Duinbergen. From here you have stellar views of the sea and the district's undulating landscape. Fancy a spot of golf? Head to the family-friendly mini golf course (2) with 18 holes in the park. This strip near the beach has its very own vibe, as you can tell by the local stores where you can go for your daily shop. From butcher to baker.

Follow the studs in the pavement to find many other hidden gems during the 3.2 km heritage walk. One of these is the Chapel of Christ the King (4), which was built in 1905 by Jozef Viérin. The chapel is surrounded by a line of Belle Epoque houses (4) that extends into Poststraat. Pure charm, so romantic! 

At the foot of the tallest dunes, opposite Elizabetlaan, you can take an invigorating morning walk in Park 58 (3), a serene, lush green park. Despite being a relatively small park (less than 10 hectares), it is one of the floral gems of Knokke-Heist. The water tower (3) on the park’s fringe, which rises 53 metres above sea level, is a prominent beacon on the town’s skyline. But there is another place, set back from Zeedijk, where the emphasis is also always on relaxation. Lakeside Paradise (11) is one of the few places in Belgium with a cableway for wakeboarding. If water sports aren’t your thing, hit the bar and watch the wakeboarders as they show off their crazy tricks. The site is also home to a skate park, 't Verzet youth centre and Sportoase Duinenwater (15). Whether you come to swim laps, to learn to swim in the paddling pool, or whizz down the slides or ‘slierboanen’, Sportoase is the place for all indoor water lovers. Want to work up a sweat on dry land? Head to the gym or unwind in the wellness centre. Do you prefer ball sports? Slip on your Air Jordans and perfect your dunk in Astridplein.

You may have already noticed that Duinbergen and sports go together like bread and butter. But did you know that it is also home to a Michelinstarred restaurant? Book a table at Sel Gris* for a slice of foodie heaven. Here Chef Frederic Deceuninck offers guests a stellar culinary experience, cooking up the most delicious dishes. The wonderful views of the North Sea beach are thrown in for free. 


Duinenwater: from flooding to water fun
In Duinenwater we know that where one door closes, a window of opportunity opens. Here the floods of 1953 had an unexpected positive effect. That winter, floods caused tremendous damage along the North Sea coast. The combination of a strong northwester and spring tides also left its mark on Knokke-Heist. The beach was largely destroyed. Dredging company De Cloedt was called in to pump up sand through a pipeline from between Isabellavaart and the railway. Finally, a hole was dug deep into the clay soil, creating a lake with a diameter of 350 metres. The lake was soon named Put van de Cloedt (11) and remained closed to the public for many years. In 2012, water sports centre Lakeside Paradise (11) opened at this location. Since then, a luxurious neighbourhood with high-quality restaurants and several supermarkets has emerged here. The trees of the new woodland are also growing fast and soon there will also be new golf courses, as well as bowling and indoor karting centres. For now, you can head to Aquapark Sportoase (15), to swim, slide or relax in a jacuzzi. In addition, Lakeside Paradise continues to welcome wakeboarders who go crazy on the 11-hectare lake. And not just local talent, because the club also hosts international competitions such as the Cold Water Classic. Knokke-Heist thus continues to assert its credentials as a destination for the world’s best. 

Park 58
The dune area owes its unusual name to the 1958 World Fair, when it became a park. Over time, the sparse dune grasslands became in danger of overgrowth. So from 1987 onwards, the municipality sought to protect the original calcareous MiddleAge dunes and restore the dune grasslands to their former glory. Despite its relatively small size, this dune area is one of the gems of our coast. The sand still contains a lot of lime from shells because Park 58 (3) has a subsoil of old dunes. As a result, very rare plants such as yellow rock rose, common wingflower, common thyme, crested hyacinth, night and cone silene grow here. In addition to the unique flora, the animals that forage here are also very rare. The municipality manages the park with Natuurpunt, a nature organisation.


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Parks & open spaces
Joseph Stübbenpark (2)
Park 58 (3)
Put van de Cloedt (11)
Meer van Heist (12)

Sports centres
Sportcentrum Laguna en TC Duinbergen (14): tennis, padel
Sportoase Duinenwater (15): Swimming, gym
't Verzet Youth Centre(16): Skate park
Lakeside Paradise (11): Wakeboarding, water sports
Beachclub Anemos (17)
RBSC Duinbergen (18)

Public playgrounds
Astridplein (19): Basketball court
Duinenwater (20): Outdoor gym