Surfing - The cult of cool

Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord
Maxim Willemspad 1
8300 Knokke-Heist
25.03.2017 > 28.05.2017 - 10:00 > 19:00

At the exhibition “Surfing – The Cult of Cool”, visitors will be immersed in the cultural background of surfing.

Dip your toes in the terminology of the surfing world and paddle along its fashion and symbols. Glide along the waves of passion, codes, and boards. Meet the heroes, the professionals, and the legends. Be blown away by the visual culture, the music, and the film. Explore the history of the ancient aloha spirit and ride on a wave of adventure and camaraderie. At the exhibition, you can also pay a visit to a ‘surf house’ and even take a look at a real Volkswagen surf van.

The impressive exhibition occupies the entire top floor of CC Scharpoord and is more than just an exhibition. It is an adventure for the whole family and will host a series of side events including a surf simulator, a virtual reality experience (with content filmed in Hawaii), a photo wall about surf experience, a special guest from Hawaii…

From 17 till 23 April we welcome a special guest from Hawaii: Tom Pohaku, a Hawaiian surfboard carver. He will show you how to make surfboards in the traditional Hawaiian way. He will carve a few boards on the spot, will expand on the origins of Hawaiian surfing and represents the aloha culture…

On Easter Monday, we organize a Surfing Day with various activities: there’s a representation of Tom Pohaku who will give an interview, 2 surfing films, including Chasing Mavericks, will be shown in the theatre, there will be a DJ and a musical performance, a bar, a surf menu…

On 30 April, we are celebrating together the feast of the ‘lei’, the traditional Hawaiian garland. On this ‘Lei Day’ we all gather at the Surfers Paradise, wearing a lei around the neck, and enjoy the festivities including a brilliant show and a delicious barbecue. Not to be missed!

The ground floor of CC Scharpoord houses an additional exhibition: ‘Surf Passion at the East Coast’.

Frank Vanleenhove tells the story of 30 years Surfers Paradise and the surfing history of Belgium and Knokke-Heist, but you will be treated to the artistic side of surfing as well. Angelo Demeulenaere of Flow & Soul will exhibit a few exclusive, homemade surfboards.

Photographer Nick Verhaeghe presents surf photography in a creative way.

A must-see for surfers and non-surfers of all ages and places.