The Mysteries of the Zwin in LEGO® bricks

Zwin Natuur Park
Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8
8300 Knokke-Heist
01.07.2023 > 12.11.2023 - 10:00 > 18:00
€ 14,00
Access to the exhibition is included in a standard ticket.


Exhibition from 1 July 2023 through 12 November 2023

From 1 July, discover ‘The Mysteries of the Zwin in LEGO® bricks'.

For this exhibition, Dirk Denoyelle and his team from Amazings have built over 30 plants and animals typically found at the Zwin Nature Park in LEGO® bricks. 

Some of them thrive in specific biotopes such as the mudflats and tidal marshes, the breeding islands, the dune woodlands and the pools; other, commoner species are also represented, such as many bird species, tree frogs and unique plants such as sea lavender.

Mysterious plants and creatures

Special attention is paid in this exhibition to things you can’t see – or only with great difficulty – in the Nature Park, the secrets of the unique fauna and flora.

For instance, did you know that this fish-snatcher can travel up to 80,000 km per year?

Activity for kids