horse riding

  • Follow the Zwin equestrian trail in Knokke-Heist!
    Take a pleasant horseback ride through the Zwin nature reserve and its surroundings. The equestrian trail leads you over both paved and unpaved paths. 
  • When can I go horse riding on the beach?
    - From 16 October to 15 March, you can ride anywhere on the beach.
    - From 15 March to 15 October, you can only take your horse to the beach in Het Zoute area, which is to the east of the eastern-most water sports club concession.
  • You might encounter unanticipated traffic situations or a dangerous crossing on the trail. In the interest of every rider and for the safety of other road users, we heed the following rules:

- The Zwin equestrian trail mostly follows unpaved paths or sand roads, terrain that is physically more exerting for horses than paved roads. Keep the endurance levels of your horse in mind.
- On public roads, the rider is considered to be a driver, just as a person driving a car or riding a bicycle is. This means that you must obey all the rules that apply to drivers.
- Riders must be at least 14 years of age to ride on public roads. They can be 12 if they are accompanied by a rider who is at least 21 years of age.
- If you encounter other people (walkers, cyclists) on the path, be courteous.
- Respect the environment. Don’t leave your rubbish behind, do not damage flora or fauna and refrain from loud noise.
- You may not load or offload your mount on public roads.


Plenty of parking space is available for horse boxes at Manege Ponderosa and Lanckriet Stables. Please reserve a space in advance.