Tickets: € 35 (access to 5 performances) are available online.

Friday November 5th.

Saturday November 6th.

Line up on Friday 05/11 and Saturday 06/11 is the same.
Except for the closing DJ acts (DJ Nana Esi performs on Friday and DJ Ula Sickle on Saturday).

line up

Doors 4.30pm

5 PM
TAREK LAKHRISSI (France, °1992)
SICK SAD WORLD / 45 min. / Dance

Oscillating between a teenage bedroom and dream landscape, Tarek Lahkrissi burrows deep into feelings of alienation and otherness. A lyrical reflection on alternative, futuristic worlds of queer and minority communities. Lakhrissi’s performance, SICK SAD WORLD (2020), is part of a cycle of reflections that focus on alternative, futuristic worlds in which expressions from queer and minority communities are embodied in the form of ‘fabulations’. Lakhrissi turns to the space of dreams and the teenager’s bedroom in SICK SAD WORLD to explore non-human identity. The performance, which is strongly influenced by pillow talks, the lyrical aesthetics of the opera, and queer lip sync, is composed of movements, citations, voice-overs and electronic music. (Photo - Rembert De Prez)

5.55 PM
NORA TURATO (Croatie, °1991)
what is dead may never die / in English / 25 min. / Spoken word
Maximim capacity 100.

Fast-paced and transgressive, Nora Turato rips through the frenzied internet culture of today. She explores language as a signifier that is constantly changing and tries, through a non-stop process of reinterpretation, to organize our culture and world so that we can relate to it. She feeds on its language, memes and slogans in an attempt to pull back the curtain on our time. In these trying, but also exciting times, discourse, journalism, tweets, statistics and countless other information streams addressing contemporary discourses profoundly influence the script of her performance and the content of the mural that will function as the backdrop of her performance.

6.45 PM
MIET WARLOP (Belgium, °1978)
Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break  / 50 min. / Dance, performance

Miet Warlop’s head-spinning performance Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break uses a technique associated with sufism, the dervish’ repetitive whirling, as theatrical structure for a three-performer choreography of whirling and musical performance. By inviting the audience to informally huddle around the performers’ circular perimeter, Warlop amplifies the physical intensity that is a crucial aspect of this durational performance. The artist intuitively connects the traditional mystical connotation of the dervish’ whirling – aimed at spiritual transcendence –­­ to a more secular kind of climax, that of the experience of dance music. In the precarious balance between physical endurance and joint musical-performative execution the work generates its impact. (Photo: Reinout Hiel)

8 PM
NORA TURATO (Croatie, °1991)
what is dead may never die / in English / 25 min. / Spoken word
Maximim capacity 100.

8.45 PM
ED ATKINS (GB, °1982)
Mutes / in English / 45 min. / Performance, choir

Known for his imaginative formulation of what it means to think, act and exist in the digital age, Ed Atkins surprises us with his actual presence in the only performance he ever produced. Facing the crowd by himself, he reflects on the banality of the mundane. For Risquons-Tout, Atkins will present a new iteration of his performance “A Catch Upon the Mirror”, which is renamed every time it is performed. This performance features Atkins’ attempt at an adequate recitation of New York writer Gilbert Sorrentino’s poem “The Morning Roundup”, with songs and histrionics throughout. Again and again repeating the three-stanza poem, Atkins expresses the inexhaustibility of any rendition. “A final reading, a final performance, is pointless” he claims, “it remains an attempt”.

9.35 PM
SAADANE AFIF (France, °1970)
Dwarf Lift Dwarf Sings "Pirates' Who's Who" / Beaufort 21 / 40 min.

For Beaufort 21, Afif offered to produce the performance Dwarf Lift Dwarf Sings “Pirates’ Who’s Who” that will take the form of a poster campaign followed by 2 concerts. He gave the ten lyrics of the "Pirates’ Who’s Who"-series to Valentin Noiret, a member of the Brussels band Dwarf Lift Dwarf and asked him to put them into music. In this way, local actors, with their specific knowhows and subjectivities, assimilate the lyrics to the songs that bear the history of Saâdane Afif’s work. They will became "the molds" for a new hybridized form that reactivate the work in-situ. 

With Rosa Barba (Mirror Characters Pursue Each Other), Verena Dengler (Reizende Rita), Simon Denny (Number of downloads at the date on which evidence was secured), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (no shinpo o togeta ka), Timon & Melchior Grau (Papegaai), Lily Matras (Lieflijke Rita), Ari Benjamin Meyers (Jolly Roger), Adrien Missika (44 kicks), Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld (Imagine), Louis-Philippe Scoufaras (Matelotage).