The Instagram route

The route with the most beautiful and photogenic places in Knokke-Heist

Social media will show you the way in Knokke-Heist. No fewer than five walking and cycling routes based on widely known known social media will take you along the most interesting places on your favourite platform.

The Instagram route is a 7 KM walk for the influencer in search of hidden gems to share via the Instagram feed or stories. Of course, you are also welcome without an Instagram-account! You can enjoy the many magnificent views, buildings and streets that the municipality has to offer and take photos as a souvenir or to as souvenirs or to share with family and friends. 

You can find the map of the route below.


Zeedijk 660, Compagnie-O Architects in collaboration with artist John Körmeling      KM: 0

Seriously, an instagrammable first-aid and coordination centre? You bet! In 2019, the local council commissioned a building that is simply begging for a photo. It’s completely round, and yellow on both the inside and outside. You can play with the round shape at a distance or create a stylish portrait using the warm colour as a backdrop.

Instagram tip: make the most of ‘golden hour’, just after sunrise or shortly before sunset, when the light is at its best.

2. Guilt-free pleasures

Zeedijk 682, Not Guilty, Chocolate Bar KM: 0.2

Sometimes you just want to miss out on the main course and go straight to dessert. Without feeling guilty. At the chocolate bar Not Guilty, you can immediately surrender to the sweetest part of the meal. Chocolate naturally plays the starring role in all their creations, but they also demonstrate that sweet isn’t just one taste. Whether you go for a macaron or molten chocolate cake, the resulting work of art can be photographed in a hundred different ways. And every side is equally delicious!


Various locations on the beach (only from April to October)  KM: 0.27

Our 10 km of coastline features a range of beach bars that are all so enticing, it’s hard to choose between them. No less than 24 luxurious terraces – each with their own look and feel – will spoil you with their offer of summer refreshments. And anyone who orders a ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail here can expect a flirty waiter. Move over Ibiza!


Zeedijk-Het Zoute 746, J&O Saverys Gallery KM: 0.6

Yellow, orange and blue. These are all the colours you need to convey the atmosphere at the coast. The Saverys sisters used this idea as a starting point for their works, which can be viewed in their own gallery. At J&O Saverys, you can see the essence of Knokke-Heist hanging on the walls. The large, serene blocks of colour in their artworks are also perfect for a fun backdrop. And if you really go for a close-up, you can’t miss the sandy texture of the paint on the works. This is because Julie and Olivia used sand from very our own seaside for their current exhibition, ‘Sable’!


Strandstraat 12-20, Elevation n°1 by Antonyo Marest      KM: 0.9

In a side street off Kustlaan, you will find the colourful work of the Spanish artist Antonyo Marest on the façade of a building. Verrry instagrammable, don’t you think? You can admire his work all over the world, from New York to Sydney. He has a very graphic style and incorporates impossibly harmonic shapes into a flashy whole. Just pick your favourite section and shoot away! The huge ice lolly with neon lighting by Twan Kerckhofs from Art Nzo adds the perfect finishing touch.


Kustlaan 209, Geoffrey Van Hulle gallery      KM: 0.85

Less is more, but not always. The gallery of decorator Geoffrey Van Hulle provides indisputable proof. The king of eclectics has his home base on Kustlaan. Using warm colours, rich fabrics and bold combinations of distinctive textures, Geoffrey proves that he can maintain the perfect balance between classic and kitsch. His interiors are coveted from France to the US. Feel free to take a tour of this flamboyant wilderness!


Elizabetlaan 2, Rooftop Bar 3Sixty      KM: 0.6

Enjoy the view of the sea and the dunes from the top of the 3Sixty bar. Can’t quite take it all in? Let your camera do the work and take a panoramic photo. After all, why not do what the name of this rooftop bar suggests? When the sun begins to set, it’s time to light the BBQ and a DJ kicks off the sultry summer evening.


Dumortierlaan 131, Marie-Rose Bakery KM: 1.7

Marie-Rose Bakery is one of the most recent culinary additions to our coastal resort. Here, you will find everything from a classic French pain au chocolat to fermented kimchi fries. Inspiration from various major world cities is brought together on the plate, satisfying the most discerning of foodies. Pastry chef Ruben learned his trade from the outstanding Sergio Herman, and now you get to reap the benefits. No time to stick around? No problem, all these tasty treats are available for takeaway. ‘If you can’t stay, take me away!’


Zoutelaan 47, Bonjour, coffee bar KM: 2.3

Knokke-Heist just can’t hide its love of the French language. And it doesn’t have to, as it’s guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood even faster. And Bonjour is the perfect place for that. This lunch location invites you to pop in and relax with a coffee or a bowl of soup. A simple hello that will make your day. And if you’d like to pass on the vibe, just take a photo of the letters on the shop window to share with your friends.


Lippenslaan 171, Scotch & Soda KM: 2.9

On the corner of Lippenslaan you will find a branch of Scotch & Soda, a brand that needs no introduction. Whether you're looking for a suitable jacket for the cold winter weather by the North Sea or just want to go window shopping, be sure to admire the beautiful mosaic tiles when you enter. The playful hexagonal pattern is a delight to capture on camera, and the tiles also remind us that this is a seaside resort!


Lippenslaan 98, Ugly Duckling KM: 3.1

It’s brand-new and just waiting for your approval. The playful colours and bold neon lighting will immediately welcome you and help the day to merge seamlessly with the night. This cool business is anything but an ugly duckling. However, our feathered friend does appear in the dishes, on the napkins and in the ice cubes that float around in the restaurant's original cocktails. Enough to make an entire collage on your Instagram after you've gobbled up all that deliciousness.


Lippenslaan 35, Hotel Prins Boudewijn KM: 3.4

You can see its burgundy walls from far away. The picturesque Hotel Prins Boudewijn almost seems to have chosen its bright colour especially for your photos. All you need here is a section of the wall, an original pose and a friend to take your photo. This hotel was also a meeting place for many great artists, such as the Belgian painter Alfred Verwee.


Lippenslaan 17, Mangiamo KM: 3.5

At Mangiamo, there’s no hiding the fact that pasta goes straight to your thighs. ‘I just want abs- … -olutely all the pasta’. Here, they wear humour on their T-shirts. The Italian flavours are spot on too! And people who love matching colour combinations mustn’t miss the special house latte, with spirulina. It’s the same petroleum blue colour as the walls! But that’s enough drooling, as the name of the restaurant suggests: let’s eat!


Maurice Lippensplein, Beach Castle by Jean-François Fourtou KM: 3.7

No, a tornado hasn’t passed through here. These Belgian beach cabins have been transformed by artist Jean-François Fourtou. You may already have seen the tower when you arrived in Knokke-Heist. It's become a real symbol of the community and its beach, so feel free to share it. And let everyone know what you think of it in the caption!


Elizabetlaan 160, Hotel La Réserve KM: 4.8

The shore of Lake Zegemeer proudly boasts a Knokke-Heist monument. Hotel La Réserve is a place that should be added to the top of your bucket list. Anyone who can manage to get inside and flaunt the evidence on Instagram will make his or her followers green with envy. After all, this four-star hotel also offers a beautiful view of the lake from its luxurious rooms. Outside in the car park, it's the prestigious cars that steal the show. Pose here next to the vehicle of your dreams. And who knows, a lucky shot might just earn you a sponsored deal with Porsche or Bentley!


Elizabetlaan 178, The Pharmacy, cocktail bar KM: 5.1

Is it time for a summer aperitif yet? The Pharmacy conjures up magical flavours and serves its cocktails in a highly individual, cosy interior. Although the evening sun will probably tempt you out onto the terrace, you can bask in retro furniture with wood and velvet accents indoors. It will be hard to choose between a photo of your cocktail, the old drinks cabinets or the colourful wallpaper.


Elizabetlaan 185, ENSO – Boutique Hotel & Brunch/lunch spot KM: 5.3

At the ENSO Boutique Hotel, you can order dishes that will make your Instagram feed go into overdrive! Too busy or not in the mood to go inside for a beautiful photo of this classy place? Don't panic, it also looks amazing from the outside. The modern façade is simply begging for a black-and-white photo.


Zeedijk 508, Cicciolina, bar KM: 5.7

One of Italy's most famous sex kittens, La Cicciolina, inspired the founders of this new hotspot to turn their bar beside the sea into a feast for the eye, lens and taste buds. This iconic woman's sensuality is reflected in every detail. You will notice it on the pink terrace, the red carpet inside and the sultry atmosphere that is reminiscent of a hot evening at a casino in LA at the beginning of the 1970s. Time for a shameless selfie. So paint your lips, put on your sunglasses and wait for a bit of sun. Ciao, bella!


Zeedijk 509, Grand Casino Knokke KM: 5.7

The casino is a must-see. You’ll find a great angle on every side of the building with all its Art Deco ornaments. This historic highlight designed by Léon Stynen is surrounded by car parks, so you can take all the space you need to show off the Casino in all its glory. Since the golden Walk of Fame was created recently, there's no excuse not to think you're a movie star. When the sun goes down, the atmospheric lighting comes on. And with a little imagination, you can imagine yourself walking towards the flashing lights of the paparazzi here.


Zeedijk-Albertstrand 539, Ijsbar Liliane KM: 6

With a name like Liliane, you just know this shop is going to spoil you with the most luscious of sweet, home-made treats. With a great range of traditional ice creams, pancakes, waffles and sandwiches, it will exceed your expectations. Flavours and suggestions are also announced in the shop on a traditional letterboard, one where you have to move each letter manually. Ice-cream shop and tearoom Liliane clearly goes the extra mile to ensure a great experience. You could almost forget to capture your giant ice-cream sundae on camera!


Rubensplein, redesigned by architectural firm Robbrecht & Daem, with Lemuren by Franz West KM: 6.2

The famous Rubensplein with its small tiles offers countless options for a great backdrop! Whether sitting or lying down, you’ll get the best angle from above. Handy, those benches! After all, they allow your photographer to get a little higher. The go-karts you can rent here work well as props in your photo. The tile motif looks just like the finish line of a race! Choose a go-kart in the right colour and you’re bound to be an Insta success.


Public showers on the beach at Rubensplein KM: 6.3

The designer of these beach showers knew all too well that you would be passing through one day. The showers look like empty photo frames - and that’s what they tend to be used for. So think completely outside the box and turn it into an unforgettable frame!


12 different locations on the beach (only from April to October) KM: 6.3

There are twelve of them standing proudly along Knokke-Heist's coastline. The lifeguard stations immediately grab the attention of every beach visitor, and this can prove vital. During high season, you will often see muscular torsos walking around in red swimming trunks. They don’t do that thing where they run in slow motion, though. By the way, did you know that yellow stands out most during a thunderstorm and red is the most visible colour in bright sunlight? And they're great colours for a photo shoot with colour blocking, too!


Sylvain Dupuisstraat 38, Chocolatier M KM: 6.5

Chocolatier David Maenhout was awarded the very first ‘Chocolatier of the Year’ title by Gault&Millau and has won several awards for the best pralines in the world. He is based in Knokke-Heist, because where else would you open a shop with top quality and original flavour combinations? Knokke-Heist locals are no longer surprised to encounter a ruby-pink praline with a hint of lychee, rose and raspberry, for example. Even if you only allow yourself one chocolate, be sure to come and get it here. These sweet treats are far too sophisticated to devour in large quantities, so you won't regret it!


Galerie Central, Leopoldlaan 154, Babette Mini-Mall KM: 6.7

Be sure to check out the Babette Mini-Mall! This small concept store has it all. From coffee and clothing to cool interior items and great gadgets. It’s one of the last places on this walk where you can pick up mini (or maxi) souvenirs to take home with you. Or at least take a picture of them for all eternity.


Zeedijk-Knokke 658, Lobster ‘N Rolls KM: 7

It was only a matter of time before Lobster ’N Rolls found its way to this seaside resort. We really don’t shy away from consuming crustaceans here. And anyone who is anyone on Instagram will have appeared somewhere clutching a trendy lobster roll. So what better time to try out the delicacy and capture the experience? You won't even have to look for a unique setting, because the wall coverings and interior choices in this place are already inspiring enough!


Lichttorenplein KM: 7.1

Last but not least, here is the legendary ‘pink square’. From the paving to the fountain, here everything feels like you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses. Do you happen to be dressed in pink too? If so, you’ll be able to pull off the monochrome look perfectly. Preferably with yet another glass of pink cava or a raspberry macaron to complete the picture. Let’s complete our Instatour in style. Smile!


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