Instagram Route


Social media will show you the way in Knokke-Heist. No fewer than six walking and cycling routes based on widely known known social media will take you along the most interesting places on your favourite platform.

The Instagram route is a 8,5 KM walk for the influencer in search of hidden gems to share via the Instagram feed or stories. Of course, you are also welcome without an Instagram-account! You can enjoy the many magnificent views, buildings and streets that the municipality has to offer and take photos as a souvenir or to as souvenirs or to share with family and friends.

Download the brochure of the route here.
You can find the map of the route below.



Zeedijk 660, Compagnie-O Architects in collaboration with artist John Körmeling   KM: 0

Seriously, an instagrammable first-aid and coordination centre? You bet! In 2019, the local council commissioned a building that is simply begging for a photo. It’s completely round, and yellow on both the inside and outside. You can play with the round shape at a distance or create a stylish portrait using the warm colour as a backdrop.

Instagram tip: make the most of ‘golden hour’, just after sunrise or shortly before sunset, when the light is at its best.



12 different locations on the beach (only from April to October) KM: 0,1

There are twelve of them standing proudly along Knokke-Heist’s coastline. The lifeguard stations immediately grab the attention of every beach visitor, and this can prove vital. During high season, you will often see muscular torsos walking around in red swimming trunks. They don’t do that thing where they run in slow motion, though. By the way, did you know that yellow stands out most during a thunderstorm and red is the most visible colour in bright sunlight? And they’re great colours for a photo shoot with colour blocking, too!



Various locations on the beach (only from April to October)       KM: 0,3

Our 10 km of coastline features a range of beach bars that are all so enticing, it’s hard to choose between them. No less than 24 luxurious terraces – each with their own look and feel – will spoil you with their range of summer refreshments. And anyone who orders a ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail here can expect a flirty waiter. Move over Ibiza!



De Wielingen 18, HAVEN SURF                                                                                                    KM: 1,2

Ah, the surfer’s life. A carefree existence where everything is experienced to the rhythm of the waves, to the ebb and flow of the ocean. Here in Belgium’s hustle and bustle and fickle weather, following a surfer philosophy may not seem like the most obvious thing. However, that’s where HAVEN SURF comes in. They have everything you need to get you on the waves and strut your stuff aroun afterwards with a sunkissed look. From choosing the right board and the perfect scuba diving suit to a set of iconic boat shoes: now it’s easy to be a surfing hero!

Extra cool: HAVEN regularly organises screenings of great surfing films, both in Antwerp and in Knokke-Heist.


Kustlaan 173, Nathalie Vleeschouwer                                                                                                 KM: 1,7

These days, you won’t find any white lab coats in this renovated pharmacy, as it now serves as the new showroom of Belgian designer Nathalie Vleeschouwer. Be sure to pop into this building, if not for the extensive collection – including sunglasses and perfume – then certainly for the impressive décor. When was the last time you let real Italian marble experts loose on your interior design? And how about that geometric composition of wood behind the counter?


Elizabetlaan 2 , The Memlinc Skybar                    KM: 1,9

Enjoy the view of the sea and the villa districts from the top of the Memlinc Skybar. Can’t quite take it all in? Let your camera do the work and take a panoramic photo. After all, isn’t that what the name of this rooftop bar suggests? When the sun begins to set, the BBQ gets lit and a DJ kicks off the sultry summer evening.


Odette Lunettes, Elizabethlaan 9/13                    KM: 1,9

The brand-new store of Odette Lunettes, the eyewear brand of Eline De Munck, shines so brightly that you could use a pair of sunglasses. And it just so happens that they have launched a limited edition of ‘Knokke Le Zoute’ sunglasses for true Knokke-Heist lovers, inspired by the ‘Place m’as-tu vu’ (place to see and be seen), where sexy sunglasses are an indispensable part of your outfit. So will you go for square, round, rectangular or hexagonal? Try on your glasses in the edgy mirror palace of Odette Lunettes and take shots in front of their famous aluminium wall.


IJzerpark basketball court, IJzerpark                                                                                                  KM: 2,4

Just before you step onto the winding paths of IJzerpark, you will pass a popular meeting place for young people: the basketball court. There’s no grey asphalt or sombre atmosphere here. Instead, you will find a colourful court which – according to the tradition of outdoor sports fields – is beset with graphic shapes and bright colours for more punch and power. It all helps to make you a faster and better player. And because this is Knokke-Heist, the design is still stylish (of course!), with the colours on the ground anything but garish.


Diksmuidestraat 37, Rove                                   KM: 2,6

The ambitious couple Steven and Ilse transformed the sandwich shop owned by their mothers into a lunch and tapas bar that will whisk you off on a journey around the world. Their dishes are inspired by the flavours and ingredients they got to know during their numerous trips abroad. Think: tapas, ramen, burgers, spring rolls, um... everything, actually. So it’s the ideal spot if your friends can't decide what to eat – simply order the whole menu. Voilà!


Dumortierlaan 54, Collector’s Corner                  KM: 2,7

We love vintage! We love vintage! The corner premises of Collector's Corner stands out from afar with its dark brown square tiles. Here, owner Bruno Woestyn shares his great passion for vintage furniture, curiosities and decorative pieces from the last century. They are unique items with a story, making them ideal for your own stories! In all your excitement, don't forget to take a photo of your new vintage finds.


Dumortierlaan 6, Café beauté                            KM: 3

In Café Beauté you can get your skin pampered, have your hair done and try out the latest and coolest make-up. The result? You'll look even more stunning than usual on your Instagram photos. And of course, a face mask always looks funny on your feed!


Burgemeester Frans Desmidtplein 13, Belissa Beauty Institute       KM: 3,4

The Belissa beauty salon is the perfect place for the latest care and make-up trends. You’re in safe hands with this top team. And not only that: the façade of the salon is decorated with masses of flowers. If you can't take a flowery profile photo here, you can’t take one anywhere!


Edward Verheyestraat 17, Boo Raan                                                                                                   KM:4,3

At this restaurant, are keen to stress that the dishes are not visual works of art, with taste taking full precedence. But the flavour sensations they conjure up here at Boo Raan leave an astonishing impression all the same. And we haven’t even started on the interior yet – a stylish mix of large, soft, leather seating elements, together with warm textures and fine materials from the East, such as bamboo lampshades for lighting, etc.


Keith Haringplein, Restaurant Blanco                 KM: 4,8

What happens if the cuisines of Mexico and the Mediterranean get stirred together in the same pot? You get Blanco Restaurant, that’s what! They serve tacos and tapas to share (or to wolf down by yourself) in a sleek white and pastel rose interior. The dishes look like little works of art. So pop your smartphone down next to your plate, where it’s easily within reach.


Keith Haringplein, John Lee Burgers&Sushi       KM: 4,9

Burgers and sushi, a crazy combo? Not at all! In this restaurant, owner Erika combines her experience as a butcher (she had a butcher’s shop for 22 years) with her passion for Japanese culture and cuisine.  East meets west, US meets Japan. Clumsy chopstick selfies: check!


Duinenwater 6, Woyo Eatery - Enso District Hotel                                                            KM: 5,1

If the Inuit use as many as 50 different words to describe different types of snow, they use at least as many in Knokke-Heist to describe the types of sand on their beaches. At least, this must have been the starting point for the design of the Enso District Hotel, set in the brand-new Lake District Tower. Everything – and we really do mean everything, from every cushion in every sitting area to the ceiling in every room – comes in 5,000 shades of grey or beige. In terms of appearance, it rather appears as though an aesthetically pleasing sandstorm has swept across the site, leaving behind an irresistible, monochrome glow of calm.


Lippenslaan 139, Pinot                                           KM: 6,3

The wine shop and food bar Pinot is not only named after the grape and all its variants, but it’s also the nickname of the manager. And our Pinot has done a great job. The store is a total concept: you can get advice from a sommelier, taste pure and fresh food and naturally drink the most delicious wine. The Roman god Bacchus is a regular customer, apparently.


Lippenslaan 293, Poppy-Rose                                KM: 6,7

Poppy-Rose is not known for its subtlety. Standing out in style, that’s more like it. Pink walls, ditto curtains. Fitting cubicles with those beautiful round arches that instantly make your photos look super-fancy.  And racks full of clothes in bright colours that are incredibly hard to resist. No, photoshoots don't have to be expensive, just come to Poppy-Rose!


Rubensplein, public showers on the beach       KM: 7,1

The designer of these beach showers knew all too well that you would be passing through one day. The showers look like empty photo frames - and that’s what they tend to be used for. So think completely outside the box and turn it into an unforgettable frame!


Zeedijk Albertstrand 552, The Dutch                  KM: 7,2

Fancy-schmancy cocktails? That’s what we drink in the restaurant and cocktail bar The Dutch. Fabulous photos and reels are guaranteed, because they do a crazy trick with a bubble of smoke on your cocktail. It's hard to explain in words, but it’s most certainly spectacular! So... are you on your way? And don’t forget to tag your location – otherwise your DMs will explode with people dying to know where you can sample those cool drinks.


Rubensplein, redesigned by architectural firm Robbrecht & Daem, with Lemuren by Franz West    KM: 7,3

The famous Rubensplein with its small tiles offers countless options for a great backdrop! Whether sitting or lying down, you’ll get the best angle from above. Handy, those benches! After all, they allow your photographer to get a little higher. The go-karts you can rent here work well as props in your photo. The tile motif looks just like the finish line of a race! Choose a go-kart in the right colour and you’re bound to be an Insta success.


Zeedijk Albertstrand 589, Brasserie Rubens          KM: 7,3

Yesssss! Those waiters with black bow ties and long aprons, atmospheric lighting with cute lampshades and thick velvet curtains....amazing! If you squint, you'll feel like you’ve been whisked back in time to the grandeur of the old days. Of course, this is where you come for the classics: pancakes lavishly dusted with icing sugar and fresh shrimp croquettes that will make your taste buds tingle. Take photos, you say? Sssshhhh, I’m too busy enjoying the food!


Sylvain Dupuisstraat 38, Chocolatier M             KM: 7,6

Chocolatier David Maenhout was awarded the very first ‘Chocolatier of the Year’ title by Gault&Millau and has won several awards for the best pralines in the world. He is based in Knokke-Heist, because where else would you open a shop with top quality and original flavour combinations? Knokke-Heist locals are no longer surprised to encounter a rubypink praline with a hint of lychee, rose and raspberry, for example. Even if you only allow yourself one chocolate, be sure to come and get it here. These sweet treats are far too sophisticated to devour in large quantities, so you won’t regret it!


Galerie Central, Leopoldlaan 154, Babette Mini-Mall     KM: 7,8

Be sure to check out the Babette Mini-Mall! This small concept store has it all. From coffee and clothing to cool interior items and great gadgets. It’s one of the last places on this walk where you can pick up mini (or maxi) souvenirs to take home with you. Or at least take a picture of them for all eternity.


Dumortierlaan 113, Cremerie François                                                                            KM: 8,3

Cremerie François is certainly not a new arrival on the scene, with this ice cream parlour coming up to its 100th anniversary, offering fresh new flavours each and every day. And what fits into a cone can just as easily be inserted into a praline, onto a cake or on a sundae, they must have thought here. A multi-time recipient of the ‘Best ice-cream parlour in Belgium’ award, this place offers the perfect sweet treats for on the go. And if you take a picture, your creations scooped straight out of the freezer are sure to never melt away!


Lichttorenplein                                                         KM: 8,5

Last but not least: the legendary ‘pink square’. From the paving to the fountain, everything here feels like you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses. Do you happen to be dressed in pink too? If so, you’ll be able to pull off the monochrome look perfectly. Preferably with yet another glass of pink cava or a raspberry macaron to complete the picture. Let’s complete our Instatour in style. Smile!


In addition to this route, we have some more instagrammable addresses we would like to share with you. Some nice pop-ups in Knokke-Heist and a few locations that are a bit further off the beaten track. Definitely worth checking out! 

Discover them here.


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