Limousin Rabaut

“The Rabaut family has been working on this farm for three generations. They are really passionate about producing the tastiest beef from happy Limousin cows.  Gilbert Rabaut was a farmer at heart, handing down his knowledge and experience to his three sons. Marnix and Ingo became butchers, while Ronny took over the farm. A passionate farmer like his father, Ronny runs the family farm in Ramskapelle, rearing a herd of 200 Limousin cows on and around his farm. “When the third generation took over, we started to sell our own meat directly to consumers. You can regularly buy Limousin beef from us. We process the beef on the farm, with the greatest care, and then vacuum-pack it,” say Ronny Rabaut and his wife Natasja. 

100% natural 

“The Limousin is a French breed of cattle from the region of the same name, near Limoges. As a result of their environment and natural selection, Limousin cattle has evolved into a breed with robust health and excellent maternal qualities. The breed is thus able to produce superior-tasting beef, even in poor climate conditions. Limousins are hardy and adaptable, thrive in a rigorous climate and breed easily. They roam freely in the pastures around our farm. In the summer, you can even spot them on our pasture in the Zwin nature reserve. Limousin beef is 100% natural. The meat is tender with a fine grain, and full of flavour.” 

Closed loop 

“Our farm on Fonteinestraat in Ramskapelle is a completely independent, family-run business, which means numerous benefits for the animals, the environment and consumers. We only work with home-bred calves, reared on our farm, as this is the best way of preventing the spread of diseases. We are a closed loop farm. While the animals are reared for meat production, we use the manure they produce to fertilise the crops we grow on our land. Then we harvest these crops as cattle feed.” (DM)