Museums in the Zwin region

The Zwin region is an area located at the border of Flanders and the Netherlands, where beaches and polders meet. Its past has been turbulent, filled with storms, floods, silting, blossoming, decay, war, trade, agriculture, fishing, tourism and nature. A myriad of elements that make the history of the Zwin region extremely attractive.

No less than 16 museums and visitor centres have been established in the Zwin region over the past four decades, and none of them related to one another. Coincidentally, they all happen to highlight a different aspect of the Zwin region’s rich history. The region unites these places and grants the whole an extra dimension, which has led to the creation of a paradise consisting of nostalgia and knowledge, perfect for hikers, bikers and travellers by car who want to explore this unique region.

You can discover the various museums in the Zwin region here.