Pinterest Route


Anyone visiting Knokke-Heist will agree: the place has a strong and unique visual identity. The sea, white façades and stylish grandeur ... it’s almost like a real-life Pinterest moodboard! For those who don’t know what we mean by that, Pinterest is a social media platform where you can scroll through endless collections of images. If you come across anything you like, you can pin it to your own board. This lets you create collections of images on a particular theme, such as nature, fashion, art, etc. These pictures not only inspire us online: people also use the term ‘Pinterest-worthy’ in real life. The image bank has become our very own aesthetic compass. Here in Knokke-Heist, there is no better place to add some snapshots of your own. Ready to dive into the dunes of Pinterest?

Download the brochure of the route here.
You can find the map of the route below.


Lichttorenplein            KM: 0

Lisbon has a Yellow Square, Moscow is known for its Red Square. Not to be outdone, Knokke-Heist has its own famous ‘pink square’. Will you add our fair town to this list of colourful squares? Or would it be better placed among your collection of cheerful, pink images? It’s entirely up to you. Get pinning!


Grand Casino Knokke, Zeedijk 510           KM: 1,1

Want to combine all of Knokke-Heist’s inside treasures on one board? Then these impressive Pinterest gems are a good place to start. Begin by pinning Europe’s largest chandelier, which sparkles overhead in the entrance hall of Knokke’s Grand Casino. Then pass through the stylish, glittery interior of the Calypso restaurant. Don’t forget to visit the secret ‘schattenkamer’, where private diners can marvel at the so-called treasure room’s enigmatic, golden wall illustration. Similar touches of gold can be found in the movie-themed décor of bar Cicciolina, another example of sensual yet intimate classiness. Cicciolina is only open on weekends, though, except during summer.


Albertstrand           KM: 2,6

Summer in Knokke-Heist equals sun on your face, salt on your skin, and sand and seashells between your toes. The latter are a precious commodity, as shells are the currency of choice in the flower stalls the very youngest operate on the beach. Remember them? The crepe paper artworks are as charming as ever, and not actually all that difficult to try and make yourself some time. Pin them to your DIY collection! Apart from flowers, there is much more to enjoy at the coastline’s many beach bars. (Although these sadly don’t accept shells as currency!) Albert Beach can also be enjoyed in wintertime. Imagine long walks on the beach, snuggled up in your scarf and beanie, before stopping in a cosy tearoom for a warming cup of hot chocolate.

Tip! Be sure to collect razor clam shells (a.k.a. shell money) in winter, when there is less competition for them.


Restaurant Bartholomeus, Zeedijk 267           KM: 3,8

How do you organise your food pics? Do you store all delicious treats in one and the same folder on your phone, or make lists or different mood boards per ingredient? For true photo-snapping foodies, restaurant Bartholomeus is a visual spectacle, worth a Pinterest board of its own. Inside, it is stylish, sleek and understated. But the restaurant’s dishes make the sea come alive. A whole host of different fish are creatively incorporated into the ever-changing menu: eel, sea bass, langoustines, oysters... While you won’t be given any recipes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to get creative with seafood in your own kitchen!


Bay of Heist Nature Reserve, end of Zeedijk-Heist           KM: 5,1

The Bay of Heist fits into just about any Pinterest mood board, whether for its beige sandy beaches, its tranquil nature or its Australian surfing vibes. Share the unique atmosphere of our coastal dunes with the world: before long, your images will feature in a variety of Pinterest collections, popping up in presentations by interior design consultants, or inspiring garden designers and wedding planners the world over.


Heist Lighthouse, Vuurtorenweiden           KM: 5,2

It’s been standing strong for over a hundred years, like a rock in the distant surf. Even though the light at the top of the tower has long been extinguished, people still easily find their way through the meadow to this beloved landmark. Be sure to take a closer look too. Heist’s ‘tall lighthouse’ is not your typical, red-and-whitestriped lighthouse at all, but somewhat of an architectural delight instead. Although the tower has been expertly renovated, its unique style remains as eye-catching as ever. Just look at the curved lines above the narrow windows. It wouldn’t look out of place in your collection of Art Nouveau images, would it?


Sashul Nature Reserve           KM: 6,5

What do you get when you let nature take its course over a former stone-block stacking site between the dunes and the harbour? The answer is a unique piece of land, where shrubs, saplings and ponds provide the perfect biotope home for
lapwings and waders. When you walk or cycle through the Sashul Nature Reserve, you may even see Shetland ponies grazing along the way. The lovable horses ensure that the chalky soil remains fertile. Another trip to the petting zoo saved!


Ravelingen, Koudekerkelaan 33           KM: 7,4

‘Ravelingen’ is the name of Knokke-Heist’s new cultural hotspot, which opened in 2021. After the two previous outdated structures, it was time to dedicate a new space to the culture the municipality has on offer. The venue’s design is courtesy of B-architecten. You might want to stop by for a rocking party, to satisfy your appetite for architecture or to replenish your image bank. Inside, you can see how the building cleverly incorporates industrial elements. Textures like concrete and
fluorescent lighting render it sleek but also jagged – quite literally so, even, when you consider the shape of the building’s roof.


’t Boerenhof, Koudekerkelaan 30          KM: 7,5

A must for those who aren’t put off by a little time travel! The Boerenhof was originally a farmstead, whose foundations were already supporting a barn as early as the 12th century. This farmstead – the oldest building in Knokke-Heist – is very much the birthplace of the community, as the first town centre centred around it. It has been listed as an official ‘monument’ since 1971 and was restored last year. Pin that to your heritage board! Next, take a seat at the eponymous restaurant at the back of the same site. As you sit swiping through your photos, be sure to check out the playground equipment and trampolines built into the ground, pinning them to your ‘garden inspo’ board.


PINOT Wine Bar, Lippenslaan 139           KM: 12,4

Once upon a time, soft fabrics, bright colours and decorations still signalled ‘cosy’ interiors. Today, we collectively lean more towards plain materials, unfinished textures and clean lines, with minimal lighting helping us get in the right mood.
Which is something Pinot wine bar is well aware of. Here, the wine bottles take centre stage, leaving little room for colours other than the red in your glass. Be inspired by the bar’s edgy interior! Still after some playful detail? Just around the
corner, there is a path that runs along Zegemeer Lake, where crabs can still be found in the rough concrete.


Zwart Huis, on the corner of Dumortierlaan and Ferdinand Mosselmanstraat           KM: 12,9

How do you design a house that stands out from its surroundings? Simply break with the lines of the rolling dunes, erect a geometric block box and proceed to paint it black. This was the tactic employed by Belgian architect Huib Hoste, who
designed this ‘Black House’ in 1924 for a doctor in Knokke-Heist. To this day, it remains an extraordinary example of modernist architecture that has played host to many art exhibitions over the years. A must, even if just for the old, art-loving soul of the building. 


Hotel Britannia, Elizabetlaan 85           KM: 13,7

Do you also find grey and beige to be underrated colours? Often find yourself looking for subtle, monochrome interiors on Pinterest? Then be sure to book a night at the Hotel Britannia. Just one look at the building’s exterior is enough to
immediately understand how it got its name. The hotel’s façade is adorned with iconic English woodwork, a textbook example of the Anglo-Norman style. While the interior is somewhat more modern, it still embraces the authentic elements of the original architectural design.


Bee meadow, Zoutelaan (and other places in Knokke-Heist)           KM: 15,5

There are plenty of spots along the coast to see wildflowers in bloom, to fantasise about your next bouquet or flower arrangement, or to secretly add such beauties to your wedding mood board. While bees are becoming scarcer, they’re still doing the work behind the scenes to make all this possible. Which is why Knokke-Heist is committed to monitoring the bee population and mapping the evolution of the area’s biodiversity. Discover the municipality’s numerous ‘bee meadows’ for yourself. Especially in summer, they are home to the most beautiful flowers. Hire a bike and head out to see the bees at work while the season is still in full swing.


Libertà, Oosthoekplein 1A           KM: 16,3

The days when pizzerias were designed to make you feel like you were setting foot in a Mediterranean village are long gone, as shown by Libertà. The restaurant has broken the mould by combining traditional Italian cuisine with sleek, industrial décor. No tablecloths, red walls, overbearing accents or accordion-playing: just great pasta and Neapolitan pizza, made using a traditional wood-fired pizza oven encased in a huge disco ball. Hmmm, what to capture first... the pizza in front of you or the walls decked out with neon lights?


Hoeve-ijs Hazegras, Hazegrasstraat 112           KM: 18,4

Ready to kill two birds with one stone? Then head to Hazegras farm, right in the heart of the polders. No pesky flies here: just well-appointed, renovated guest rooms AND artisanal ice cream. Perfect for many a Pinterest board. The flavours
range from classics with a twist, like Bourbon vanilla, to surprising experiments, like elderflower ice cream. What’s more, it tastes even better if you take a seat in the garden, overlooking the vast fields.


Zoete Polder, Hazegrasstraat 85            KM: 18,5

Can you think of anything more idyllic than horses galloping across a meadow dotted with cherry blossom trees? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with a bit of luck, you can see all this in real life in summer, in the Zoete Polder. The cherry
trees bear their best fruit during this period, allowing you to sample that deep, sweet flavour right on the spot. Once picked, the fruit is processed in artisanal fashion by local growers, allowing you to take some cherries home in the form of jam, no matter the time of year.


Het Zwin, Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8           KM: 21,8

Capturing the Zwin in one image? Impossible. You could dedicate an entire Pinterest mood board to the place alone! Several cycling routes allow you to discover the nature reserve, taking in its diverse fauna and flora, art, and the faded Zwin docks. Thanks to the vast nature of the landscape, there is so much to discover. A dozen stork nests? Perhaps an enchanting purple carpet when the sea lavender (colloquially known as ‘zwinneblomme’) is in full bloom. Barry Flanagan’s hare, officially christened ‘Hospitality’, welcomes you from afar, and Ulrich Rückriem’s four monoliths, carved from some 48 tonnes of granite, patiently wait beneath the foliage to be overgrown by nature.


The Shelter, Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8           KM: 21,9

Amid the vast nature, you suddenly see a minimalist wooden fort emerge. This design by Coussée & Goris architects is only a decade old, making this site one of the area’s more recent architectural additions. A robust, dark, long arcade houses, among other things, a restaurant, a visitor centre and an observation post. Fascinated by war-time bunkers? Then The Shelter brasserie will certainly fit right in on your Pinterest board. The design was inspired by the Atlantic Wall, the milelong line of defence built by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Today, the structure serves to slightly hide us away from the many bird species given free rein in the Zwin.

19. a dip in the dunes

Zwin dunes and polders, entrance via Bronlaan (Graaf Leon Lippensdreef junction)          KM: 24,7

You won’t find dunes as green, wild and untouched as these anywhere else on the Flemish coast. More than being just a lovely stretch of rolling countryside, however, the Zwin dunes are also a protected nature reserve. Which means you can’t pick any of the beautiful wild orchids or take any other mementos home with you. For the perfect Pinterest shot, we recommend walking along the wooden walkway that traverses the reserve. Left untouched, the Zwin dunes can continue to live on and inspire others.


HAVEN Surf - North Sea Store, De Wielingen 18            KM: 27,8

No beach without Pinterest-worthy surf gear. For that, drop by Haven on the seafront. The shop has realised that surfing is more than simply balancing upright on a board in the water: it’s also about music, clothes, accessories, even reading material and interior design. In short: it’s a lifestyle. Even those who are unable to appreciate god-like Australians and their salty curls are sure to be inspired by Haven’s sleek design: from the tough, black, vertical window frames to the steel counter.


City-centre shops, ‘the Golden Triangle’ Lippenslaan, Dumortierlaan and Kustlaan           KM: 31,3

Beachwear can be so much more than bare torsos, basic swimsuits or half-soaked T-shirts. For its part, Knokke-Heist is more than just the sea. It is also strutting down Lippenslaan in style and scoring quirky outfits from smaller boutiques. Those who venture from the waterfront into the city centre will undoubtedly come across the likes of Essentiel, Jack Russell, Bellerose,... Famous and lesser known brands, all only too happy to deck you out in something new. Capture all of it on Pinterest and inspire others with your take on ‘swimwear’!


Art galleries, Kustlaan and Zeedijk-Het Zoute           KM: 33

Anyone who has ever been to the seafront in Knokke-Heist will have surely felt the municipality’s strong connection to the arts. With its many galleries, Knokke-Heist is its own image bank, a self-inspiring seaside source of beauty. From textile designer and gallery owner Ben Beirens to photography at Jones of Yellowkorner, as well as work by Gregory Watin and Alfredo Longo at Galerie Sept. The wide range of abstract, modern and distinctive art on offer represents a myriad of styles that cannot easily be lumped into one Pinterest board.


• Knokke-Heist also created a Spotify playlist with custom music for each route, so you can also experience the routes intensely on your own. Discover the Pinterest playlist here.