The Sashul

The Sashul site is a remnant of the former stacking site for the blocks of stone that were needed for the construction of breakwaters for the port of Zeebrugge. The site was used afterwards, up to 1989, as a goods marshalling yard and as a transport zone for cars. It is now a strip of interesting nature which, as a green buffer, separates the port from the residential area of Heist.

The reclaimed land of the Sashul consists primarily of sand that is rich in shells and with a high calcium content, and is therefore very similar to young, calcareous coastal dunes. The shallow puddles are usually flooded in the winter and spring, but run dry later in the summer. You will find pioneer vegetation there, such as beautiful centaury, but also more salt-tolerant species, such as strawberry clover and sea aster.

When you visit the Sashul in spring, blooming marsh orchids cover the area in a rich purple carpet. Exceptional, and a time to cherish!


The area is freely accessible along the marked roads and paths;
Dogs must be kept on a leash; dogs are not permitted in the grazing plots, however, even on a leash;



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