Shopping Shuttle regulations

  1. These regulations apply to the entire route of the Shopping Shuttle.
  2. The Shopping Shuttle can be used completely free of charge.
  3. Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians. Children aged 14 years old or younger must be accompanied at all times when using the Shopping Shuttle.
  4. Distrimob BV shall not be liable for personal injury or damage of any kind, regardless of the cause, prior to, during or as a result of the trip.
  5. An exception to this is the statutory obligation to pay compensation as a result of demonstrable intent or gross negligence. The statutory compensation shall be limited to a maximum of the amount paid.
  6. Passengers shall be liable for any damage that they cause to any property of Distrimob bv or third parties.
  7. Passengers who, for whatever reason, cause damage to the vehicles, or are the owner or are supervising any animal and/or any substance and/or any item that causes damage, shall be obliged to compensate for this damage. This damage will always be charged net if costs have been incurred.
  8. Any complaints must be submitted in writing (by email) to the Municipality of Knokke-Heist (or Knokke-Heist Tourist Office) no later than 2 days after the trip on the Shopping Shuttle in question. Any complaints that are made verbally or later than 2 days after the trip will not be processed.
  9. Eating and smoking are prohibited on the Shopping Shuttle.
  10. Dogs are only allowed to travel on the Shopping Shuttle if they are small and can sit on their owner's lap.
  11. Aggression and/or inappropriate conduct or sexual harassment will result in immediate removal from the Shopping Shuttle, and information will be passed on to the legal authorities.
  12. People who show clearly visible signs of drunkenness or the use of narcotic substances may be refused access to the vehicle by the driver for safety reasons.
  13. Any items found can be handed in to the driver on duty. The Municipality of Knokke-Heist will make every effort to identify the rightful owner of the item found. The Municipality of Knokke-Heist will keep found items for a maximum of one month. If the owner of a found item comes forward, they can collect this object from the Municipality of Knokke-Heist. The owner will always be required to prove their identity.


Last change 01/09/2022