Snapchat Route

A tour of Knokke-Heist's most artistic places. Open up your Snapchat and discover the craziest filters!

Social media shows you the way in Knokke-Heist. No less than five walking and cycling routes based on well-known social media platforms will take you on a tour of the most interesting places to post on your favourite platform.

The Snapchat route is an 11-km walking tour of the most playful artworks along the coast and beyond. From the wide range of Snapchat filters, we selected a whole lot that suit this artistic walk so you can see it all through different lenses for a change. Put your creative hat on and work with your friends so you can share the best and funniest photos and videos. Be inspired!

Download the brochure of the route here.
You can find the map of the route below.


Zeedijk-Knokke 660, Knokke-Heist Tourist Office KM: 0

Of course we had to kick off our Snapchat route with an artistic snap. Between the Tourist Office, Lippenslaan and Kustlaan, you will immediately find yourself at the entrance to Knokke-Heist's shopping paradise. Shopping and art have never been so closely intertwined, so we will fire the starting pistol with the ‘Let's go’ filter. Snap away!

Snapchatfilter: LET’S GO


Zeedijk-Knokke 640, Momentum Art Gallery KM: 0,2

Further along the sea dyke, you will pass two eye-catchers. In front of the Momentum Art Gallery, you will find a red substance flowing out of a gigantic tube. This comical work by the French sculptor David Gernstein is accompanied by a giant blue bear. Richard Orlinski's Standing Wild Bear is one of the countless gems in this municipality that boasts over 80 galleries within a one-kilometre radius!

Snapchatfilter: BEAR SPIN


Rubensplein, Koppen/Lemuren (Franz West) KM: 0,6

The large heads by Franz West that adorn Rubensplein may appear to be made of fragile papier-maché, but in fact they were cast in synthetic resin. So you won't see them crumbling off their tiled pedestals any time soon. Using a face filter, you can put your own funny face right in between. But in addition to art, our Flemish master Rubens has also lured a lot of cool shops and restaurants to this thriving place, such as Heavenly, Banana Moon or the famous Brasserie Rubens right here on the square.

Snapchatfilter: BIG HEAD


Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509, Grand Casino Knokke KM: 1,1

A monument like the Casino needs no introduction. This building in typical Art Deco style was designed by our compatriot Léon Stynen and is still highly regarded internationally for its artworks by René Magritte, among others. More a fan of the Casino for its poker, roulette and pots of money? If so, let the dollars roll in the filter on your screen or spend them in a trendy bar like Kitsch Club or Calypso around the corner.

Snapchatfilter: FALLING MONEY


Beach near Paul Van der Meerschenlaan, Reddersstoel (Kris Martin) KM: 1,8

After a short walk along the dyke, you may start to notice less striking works of art. You're bound to come across Kris Martin's lifeguard chair. How can you recognise it? Well, it seems to have been installed backwards, because it isn’t looking out to sea. This artwork goes hand in hand with the wind socks created by Griet Dobbels that you can see blowing in the wind on tall, white poles (from April to October). With their original shapes and retro colours reminiscent of windbreaks left on the beach, they will help you and the lifeguards determine the right wind direction.

Snapchatfilter: SHARK


Europaplein, De Meeuwen (Emile Raes) KM: 2,7

Although it might be an abstract work, you really don't have to be an expert to discover which animals were placed here by artist Emile Raes. There wouldn’t be a Knokke-Heist without seagulls. And there wouldn’t be a summer without their distinctive calls. With just a few simple lines, their movements are immediately recognisable. So whether or not you’re a fan of seagulls, you can bring them back to life in your story with a filter!

Snapchatfilter: LAUGHING SEAGULL


Zeedijk – Anemonenlaan, Tower (Thomas Lerooy) KM: 2,9

49 faces. We have counted them all for you. Together, all these heads form a giant bronze tower designed by Thomas Lerooy. Each face on the Tower is different and you can see all the small differences from close at hand. All 49 faces are slightly compressed by the weight of the others, so the noses, eyes and mouths start to deform a little. The artist does like to add a touch of humour. We're missing one more face to complete the tower. Will your own face make up the full 50? Or 100? A filter freak like you will have that snapped in no time.

Snapchatfilter: ME, MYSELF AND I


Directeur-Generaal Willemspark, Socorristas De Biarritz x-x (Aurora Cañero) KM: 3,1

With that empty lifeguard’s chair still burned onto your retina, you will encounter another work of art in the Directeur-Generaal Willemspark that was also inspired by the heroes of our coastline. With her bronze rendition of these lifeguards, Aurora Cañero treads the middle ground between a scene from Baywatch and a dreamy moment shared by a couple out on a walk. Their uniform appears to consist of glasses – albeit goggles and binoculars – and a blue cap. Want to put you own face in there? Easily done.

Snapchatfilter: CAP AND SUNGLASSES


Directeur-Generaal Willemspark, KM: 3,5

Heist forest, as the park is generally called, also has a wonderful collection of fauna and flora. In addition to the real birds you can spot here in silence, you will find various worm sculptures meandering their way through this undeveloped section of the dunes. The white panther has also been sitting on his hilltop for years. Time to give the lonely chap a little company and to immortalise yourself for a while on Snapchat. Animals not really your thing? You will also find a few nice shops waiting for you in the nearby Graaf d’Ursellaan, such as Scara Bis.

Snapchatfilter: STATUES


Joseph Stübbenpark, KM: 4,7

Joseph Stübbenpark was named after its German architect, who helped to design the urban planning of Het Zoute. The green shrubs and height differences were well preserved, also making it ideal for a game of miniature golf in Duinbergen! Two more works of art were added by the duo Fortuyn-O’Brien, which means you can now walk through cast-iron gates. Take a colourful look at the park with the corresponding filter and imagine yourself in a purple world.

Snapchatfilter: PURPLE GRASS


Maxim Willemspad 1, Social Sofa KM: 6,5

You can sit on a simple wooden bench on the dyke at any time of day. But for a better sitting experience, it’s well worth taking a short detour around the Scharpoord Cultural Centre. Here, you will find various artistic seats that form part of the Social Sofa Project. Dozens of artists worked on each sofa to create unique pieces made of mosaics! Each sofa has its own image, style, colour palette and appearance. And that demands a series of snaps with matching mosaic filters!

Snapchatfilter: MOSAIC FACE


Junction between Lippenslaan and Dumortierlaan, vertical garden  KM: 7,7

Knokke-Heist is not just surrounded by nature. You will also find places with plenty of greenery in the streets themselves. For example, there is a mini paradise of grasses and plants on the corner of Dumortierlaan and Lippenslaan, right in the wild heart of the municipality’s shopping area. From here, a shopping street extends in every direction. Want to plant a vertical garden on your own pretty face? Snapchat can help!

Snapchatfilter: MOSS FACE


Dumortierlaan 13, Rasson Art Gallery KM: 7,8

Even if you don’t go looking for art in Knokke-Heist, it is bound to find you. This sculpture at Rasson Art Gallery is a good example. The Great Dane was given a layer of fire engine red and is ready in the starting blocks in his sports shoes, with his ears pricked up. Would you like to go on an adventure with him? If so, you need to transform into bright red yourself. If he could walk, he would show you all the nice places around here. Collector's Corner, for example, quite literally on the corner: a shop filled with curiosities for your interior.

Snapchatfilter: RED FILTER


Driehoeksplein, KM: 8,3

Because of its triangular shape, the Driehoeksplein can sometimes have a disorienting effect. Need a compass? Well, a wind compass is provided: the peeing angel by West Flemish artist Wim Delvoye, in the middle of the grassed area. With any luck, it will point you to the captivating display windows of stores such as Essentiel and A Suivre, right here on the square. Then you will need a few geometric triangles running right through your portrait like the junction here: the next filter will help you with that.

Snapchatfilter: TRIANGLE COLLAGE


Breakwater at A. Bréarstraat, Tomorrow Man made by the sea  (Catherine François) KM: 8,6

From the dyke, you can see a figure bending over slightly at the jetty. This work of art by Catherine François is full of holes and waits for the natural elements to flow through it. If the wind and water levels increase, it ends up in the sea. As a result, it will last for years and gradually change its appearance. You can easily lower it into the sea on Snapchat, so you can immediately see the influence of all that water!

Snapchatfilter: UNDERWATER WORLD


Sparrendreef 102, Coin Fleuri KM: 9,4

It looks like a huge bird has been making a gigantic nest with branches – you really couldn't call them twigs – and other flotsam and jetsam. This is how you could describe the artwork next to the flower shop Coin Fleuri. Now you just need to look for that pigeon filter to add another cool shot to our collection of snaps. And if you take a look around, you will soon notice the many other cosy ‘nests’ nearby. Businesses such as Blé D’Or, Put 19 or Mercato Alimentare will be happy to welcome you under their own wings!

Snapchatfilter: PIGEON ON HEAD


Kustlaan 285, Absolute Art Gallery KM: 9,7

Time to play at being an artist yourself. Does that mean you need to put hours of work into creating a refined portrait on canvas? No thanks, you can just use an artistic filter! You might end up hanging among the paintings in the Absolute Art Gallery at the touch of a button. Take a look inside to get some inspiration for the pose and composition of your artwork. And if that still seems a bit difficult, you will find plenty of places with designer brands on Kustlaan to give you a few ideas.

Snapchatfilter: PASTEL PAINT


Strandstraat 12, The Cappelleschi Gallery KM: 9,9

People who used to wander along Strandstraat would have called it one of Knokke-Heist's most normal streets. That’s been a thing of the past since the Spanish artist Antonyo Marest blazed through with his tornado of colour, leaving litres of paint in candy tints on an Art Deco building. He mixes patterns and figures such as flamingos and a neon lollipop to give the building an 80s and 90s feel. So why not look at yourself through a lens from that period?

Snapchatfilter: 90S


Zeedijk-Het Zoute 742, Early Birds Gallery KM: 10,4

You will find less abstract art in this gallery, where the main subject of canvases and sculptures is animals. Early Birds Gallery aims to live up to its name, among other things by placing birds at the centre of its showroom. You will already find a couple of swans waiting for you outside. But don't confuse them with their less popular twin sister, the goose. The bronze statues by Mark Dedrie appear to be just taking off, and we can quickly pop a swan filter over our lens before they get airborne.

Snapchatfilter: SWAN


Zeedijk-Het Zoute 697, Art Center Hores KM: 10,5

For our last snaps, we will be heading off to Art Center Horus on the sea dyke. Its owner, Niña Van den Bosch, has opened a second branch of the gallery based in Sint-Martens-Latem. This place is also filled with artistic gems by new artists and established names. To conclude our route, why not take another self-portrait with an artistic touch? A filter can sometimes be just as efficient as a good old paintbrush. A success? Share it with your entire network on Snapchat!

Snapchatfilter: BRUSH FRAME


Van Bunnenplein, Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You, 2021 (Jeremy Deller)  KM: 11

This summer, our Belgian coast will once again be the location for the Beaufort 21 outdoor exhibition. The most striking work of art in Knokke-Heist surely has to be the huge chameleon by the British artist Jeremy Deller. And if you have every doubted whether you should be touching art, you can now really let your inner child run wild. The animal’s tongue, which was created specially for this occasion, is an inviting slide... No need for fun filters here, you will genuinely be having a great time!

Snapchat filter: CHAMELEON


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