Between Damme en Knokke-Heist, in easy reach of Sluis (Holland)


This meadow bird area in the Westkapelle suburb is a solitary pearl in the green collar around Knokke-Heist. A walk or bike ride through the St Donation polder is a journey through history: just about everyone who held power in the Low Countries in the past few hundred years have left their traces – the Spanish, Austrians, Dutch, French and even the Germans.

Military relics, such as bunkers, dikes and walls, create a special micro-climate for the polder: there is hardly any wind, and it is therefore slightly warmer than the surrounding polder, which makes the area a true haven for a whole range of migratory birds in the midst of monotonous arable land. The ponds ensure the presence of ducks and waders, and the remains of bunkers provide accommodation for hibernating bats.

Facts: A LIFE project is currently running in this area.



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