Redeem your voucher with local businesses

As part of the recovery plan, Knokke-Heist launched a voucher campaign in which residents and second-home owners were rewarded with a shopping credit of 150 and 200 euros to be used in local businesses. Although the campaign proved successful, many traders were unable to benefit from the voucher as a result of the stricter coronavirus measures. The campaign was therefore put on hold for several months. Now that further relaxations of the measures are in sight, the Knokke-Heist vouchers will be relaunched.

On 9 June, the hospitality industry will be able to reopen fully. In order not to relaunch the vouchers during the initial busy period, a decision was made to reinstate the validity of the KH vouchers from Monday 14 June 2021. From then on, the KH vouchers will be valid for a period of two months, up to and including Sunday 15 August 2021. This will give traders sufficient time to prepare optimally and ensure that everything runs smoothly.



Do you still have balance available on your KH Voucher? If so, you can enjoy a delicious meal or leisurely shopping session in Knokke-Heist. You can use the voucher with over 500 participating merchants. Most of the participating catering establishments and local retailers have a visible window sticker. Many businesses are also offering a fun little extra to tempt you to spend the voucher with them. An overview of these appealing offers can be found here. It is important for everyone to keep hold of their voucher. Be careful not to throw it away, as you will still need to use the original voucher.

You can redeem your voucher all at once or in several goes. You will need to state in advance which amount you wish to pay with your voucher. If the items you are purchasing cost more than the balance on your voucher, you can simply pay the remaining amount using a different means of payment. If the items you are purchasing cost less, the amount spent will be deducted from the voucher.

Check your balance

Are you curious about your balance or would you like an overview of all your transactions? Can’t find your voucher? You can find all the information on the user portal! If you have lost your voucher, you can also check your QR code here.

Do you have any questions or need help?

We have listed the most common questions below. Do you have any other questions? The counter staff of the municipality of Knokke-Heist will be happy to help.

Tourism Knokke (Zeedijk 660)
Tourism Heist (Pannenstraat 140)
Town Hall (A. Verweeplein 1)
Sociaal Huis (Kraaiennestplein 1)
Scharpoord Cultural Centre and Library (Maxim Willemspad 1)
De Stormmeeuw sports centre (E. Verheyestraat 14)
Heist Library (Kerkstraat 32)
Westkapelle library lending point (Dorpsstraat 60)

Read the terms and conditions of this voucher campaign here


Will I be given a new voucher to spend?

No! The voucher was automatically deposited to the same card/QR code you have already used.

What is the redemption period?

The voucher can be redeemed between Monday 14 June and Sunday 15 August 2021.

Can I cash in the voucher instead? 

No, unfortunately this is impossible. You can only use your voucher to spend the money that you earned in the participating retail stores, restaurants and cafés. 

At which retail stores, restaurants and cafés can I use my voucher? 

You can find the list of participating businesses here. The list of businesses offering an extra can be viewed here.  The participating businesses usually also have a sticker in their window. 

Which proportion of my saved points can I spend? 

Are you a resident of Knokke-Heist? If so, you will receive 1/3 of the total points saved in euros, with a maximum of €150. 
Do you have a second home in Knokke-Heist? If so, you will receive 1/4 of the total points saved in euros, with a maximum of €200. 
Do you have a pitch at a camp site in Knokke-Heist? If so, you will receive 1/4 of the total points saved in euros, with a maximum of €40.

1 point equals 1 euro. 

Do I have to spend the voucher in one go? 

No, you can use the voucher multiple times until you have used up your balance. 

What if the purchase amount is higher than the available balance on the voucher?  

If the items you are purchasing cost more than the balance on your voucher, you can pay the remaining amount with your card or in cash. 

What if the purchase amount is lower than my available balance on the voucher?  

If the items you are purchasing cost less than the balance on the voucher, only the amount spent will be deducted from the voucher. 

Can I cash in the voucher instead of spending it? 

No, the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, other means of payment or gift vouchers.  

I have lost my physical voucher. What should I do? 

If you have the QR code on your smartphone, you don’t need to do anything. The QR code on the smartphone is equivalent to the physical version. If you do not have a QR code on your smartphone, you can log in to the user portal. You can also find the QR code here, as well as your total balance and other information. In the event of disputes about specific transactions, if you feel that you have not been awarded enough points or for other issues, please e-mail knokke-heist [at]

Where can I check the remaining balance on my voucher?  

The remaining balance can be checked here. You will be able to see the initial balance of the voucher, where it was spent and what is your remaining balance.  

I have registered my card, but I can't log in. What should I do? 
Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ option and reset your password.  If you still can’t log in, e-mail knokke-heist [at]  
When I log in with my card number, I am notified that the card has already been registered. Why is this? 

Once the card has been registered, you can only log in using your e-mail address and password. 

My card has been lost or stolen. What should I do? 

If the card has been lost or stolen, you can block it on the user portal. You will then need to come to the town hall with your ID to request a new card.   

Can you still register after 30 September if you have already saved points? 

No, this is not possible.  

I am a second-home owner and did not receive a savings card. What now? 

Generally speaking, everyone in the municipality of Knokke-Heist should have received a card at the end of June. Since then, the municipality has also communicated extensively about the card to ensure that everyone who had not yet received a card was given time to request one.  You could still register and save points even without a physical card. If you did not receive it, have thrown it away or did not register the card and did not save points, you will no longer be able to use the voucher.