The beautiful 9-km sea dyke is a place to enjoy yourself and to unwind.
The walk from Heist to Het Zoute is a great two-hour stroll. Don’t be scared off – whether you’re going there or back, at some stage you’ll always have the wind behind you.

And if you’d rather spend some time in the beautiful seaside resort of Knokke-Heist, then there are a number of signposted walks on offer:

Zwin walk (12 km)
A 12 km walk leads you through the beautiful nature of the Zwin dunes and polders.

Duinbergen heritage walk (3 km)
This walk reveals the lesser-known charming aspects of Duinbergen: a dune that has been kept as intact as possible, twisting roads and freestanding villas that are height-restricted and that nestle in green gardens.

Zeebrugge heritage walk (2.5 km)
This walk highlights Zeebrugge’s unique place in the history of Flemish fishing and the events in the harbour during World War One.

Damse Vaart Walking route (12 km)
The Damse Vaart walking route introduces you to the vast polder landscape between Damme and Oostkerke.

More walks can be found on the routeyou website.

Enjoy your walk!