Zwin dunes and -polders

Between Bronlaan and the Zwinplain

This nature reserve with a surface of 222 hectares is located on the Belgian side of the Zwin Nature Park.

In the past, man has left plenty of traces in the area of the Zwin dunes and polders, such as war infrastructure, the construction of an airport, horse jumping grounds and a golf course. Thanks to the ZENO European LIFE nature project, the typical dune habitats were restored between 2006 and 2010. (

This nature reserve, the fascinating strip of land leading up to the Zwin Nature Park and the Zwin plain, consists of a coastal strip of dunes along the sea. Further inland, the dunes make way for bushes and the planted forest area called Tobruk. You can hear the tree frog, but it’s difficult to spot it. Though its size is barely 5 cm, its croaking is clearly audible. We are now awaiting the return of the natterjack toad. The southern part of this nature reserve consists of a large fossil beach area, which is also called Kleyne Vlakte. It is a major wintering habitat for many waders, herons, gulls and ducks.

The Zwin dunes and polders are one of the largest continuous dune areas on the Belgian coast.  The layout of the area ensures its optimal use by various recreationists: hikers, bikers, joggers, horseback riders, families with large and small children, birdwatchers, and many more.


The area can be visited fully free of charge all year round, with the only condition being that the natural values are respected;
Dogs are not permitted in the grazing zones; they are welcome, however, on their leash on the hiking trails.

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