Ijzerpark - Aldrik Heirman - Jan Vercruysse

8300 Knokke-Heist

About the artwork

The green lung near Dumortierlaan was transformed into a rolling dune landscape by landscape architect Aldrik Heirman. The sandy park is criss-crossed by winding paths and cosy seating areas. It also includes the ‘Pleasure Garden’, a maze designed by artist Jan Vercruysse comprising a sleek design and various water features, providing a surprising breath of fresh air.

About the artist

Jan Vercruysse was one of Belgium's most influential artists. In recent decades, he was a fixture on the visual arts scene. Vercruysse’s plastic work is predominantly a nod towards the worlds of architecture and theatre.
Aldrik Heirman grew up in the Belgian art world as the eldest son of art photographer Rony Heirman. In his early childhood, he was already fascinated by nature and gardens. Very soon, he developed a distinct vision when it came to landscape architecture and plant cultivation.