La Flèche - Jean-Pierre Raynaud

Kalvekeetdijk 179
8300 Knokke-Heist

About the artwork

This monumental work by internationally acclaimed French artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud was installed in 2018. It comprises an 18-metre-tall imposing black arrow made from steel, intended to act as an artistic beacon for the future events site and peripheral car park in Westkapelle. It was donated by Knokke-Heist entrepreneur Joris Ide.

About the artist

The art of Jean-Pierre Raynaud is centred around the essential obsessions of life and death, danger and refuge, openness and reticence. He has been creating ‘psycho objects’ since 1963. These objects are assemblages of everyday objects, such as scissors, screwdrivers, rattles, high chairs, flower pots and ladders, always painted with white or red enamel paint. He sometimes enlarges them, stacks them or arranges them in thousands of rows.