Lifeguard's Chair - Kris Martin

Tide line Albertstrand, Duinbergen

About the artwork

A simple stainless steel and highly polished lifeguard chair placed close to the tide line, only facing land.  The sculpture, sponsored by Marnixring De Blinckaert, encourages the viewer to think: 'One should always question oneself in a world that is constantly evolving, the view of infinite distances, and, at the same time, a critical look back. Nobody is in the chair, nobody can save us. Only we ourselves can do that, as long as we are aware of it.' 

About the artist

This young Flemish conceptual artist designs all kinds of installations that, through interaction with their surroundings, generate an artistic effect that stimulates reflection of behalf of the spectator. His work consists of both monumental and small-scale sculptures, drawings and interventions. Recurring themes throughout his oeuvre include the notion of time, history and the transience of human existence.