Ode aan de vrouw - Jef Claerhout

Spaarbekken Het Walletje
8300 Knokke-Heist

About the artwork

This 1976 piece comprises a fountain made up of nine stainless steel female figures. Until 2012, following a lengthy search for a suitable location, the bathers were put on display at Zegemeer lake, near the Scharpoord Cultural Centre. Today, they can be admired at the Het Walletje reservoir in Westkapelle.

About the artist

This sculptor grew up in a family of metalworkers. As a self-taught artist, he designs figurative metal sculptures using various welding techniques. This ‘metal storyteller’ finds inspiration in his own fantasies, folklore, mythology, the world of fairy tales and animals. Focusing especially on birds and horses, he also often depicts female figures, from madonnas to witches.