Tower - Thomas Lerooy

Zeedijk seafront (at Anemonenlaan), Duinbergen
8301 Knokke-Heist

About the artwork

‘Tower’ is Lerooy’s first permanent sculpture in a public space. It consists of 49 bronze heads, all looking straight out to sea. It is a comment on today’s society, that it is made up of various elements that, together, are greater than the sum of its parts. A society in which we depend on, listen to and seek compromise with one another. Just as a child might pile up blocks to make a tower, Lerooy has piled up heads to create something more meaningful.

About the artist

Thomas Lerooy’s oeuvre includes drawings, bronze sculptures and paintings. In 2015, he became the first living artist to be granted a solo exhibition at the Petit Palais, Paris. Lerooy’s works form part of collections in major international museums and institutions, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris or the Belfius Art Collection in Brussels.