Way of the Cross - Emile Raes

Dominican chapel, Sparrendreef, Het Zoute
8300 Zoute

About the artwork

The consecration of this Way of the Cross took place on Good Friday in 1948, with Emile Raes using wenge wood to depict the 14 station. The scenes of suffering are only depicted using hands and faces. The entire work was considered very original. It exudes a certain sense of piety, with the stations acting as subtle yet concrete expressions of suffering through tormented faces with cramped or outstretched hands.

About the artist

Emile Raes started out as a self-taught oil painter. However, due to an allergic reaction to turpentine, he switched to the charcoal and pastels. In 1947, Emile built his own villa in Duinbergen, where he lived until his death in 1986. Over his career, Raes immersed himself in religious sculptures, abstract modelling and ceramics.