Public toilets

Toilets open during COVID 19

The public toilets have varying opening hours per location.

Zwin Nature Parc
(10 am - 5 pm, closed on Mondays)

Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8, Knokke

Tourism office Knokke-Heist
(8.30 am - 6 pm)

Zeedijk 660, Knokke

Safety point 
Beach at Zeedijk 660, Knokke

Train station Knokke (NMBS)
(Weekdays 5.15 am - 10 pm, weekends & holidays 7 am - 11 pm)

M. Lippensplein 25, Knokke

Cultural Centre Scharpoord
(8.30 am - 7 pm, closed on Sundays)
Maxim Willemspad 1, Knokke

Urinal Lippenslaan

Lippenslaan at A.Verweeplein, Knokke

The Beach bars
(open in fine weather from 10-18 hrs)

Automatic toilet Evenementenstrand

Evenementenstrand, Duinbergen

Automatic toilet Elizabetlaan/Willemspark

Elizabetlaan 321, Duinbergen

Watersportclub Anemos
(limited opening hours)

Zeedijk 300, Duinbergen

Watersportclub RBSC Duinbergen
(limited opening hours)

Zeedijk 430, Duinbergen

Watersportclub RBSC Zoute
(limited opening hours)

Zeedijk 871, Knokke

Watersportclub Surfers Paradise
(limited opening hours)

End of the dike, Knokke

Automatic toilet Vissershuldeplein 
Vissershuldeplein, Heist

Automatic toilet zeedijk Heist

Zeedijk Heist 83, Heist

Toilets closed during COVID 19

Cityhall Knokke-Heist
Alfred Verweeplein 1, Knokke

Sportcentra Laguna
Krommedijk 32, Heist

Sportcentra Molenhoek
Herenweg 6, Westkapelle

Sports hall De Stormmeeuw
Edward Verheyestraat 14, Knokke

Cemetery Westkapelle
Kalvekeetdijk 181, Westkapelle

Q8 Knokke
Kustlaan 152, Knokke