Tiny Love Notes

In the corners of Heist’s shopping streets you find hidden love messages. Thirty Tiny Love Notes that you can track down with a love map. Ten of these messages carry a symbol that matches a sticker to put on your map. Stick all of them in the right spot and exchange your love map for a sweet reward of candy hearts.

How to find love?

Step 1
Get your free love map and set of stickers from the display at the starting point: the Heldenplein in Heist. Use the map to find thirty Tiny Love Notes, all hidden in Heist.

Step 2
Keep your eyes open! Ten Tiny Love Notes carry a symbol. Match these symbols with the right stickers and stick them on your map.

Step 3
Did you stick all the stickers in the right spot? Go and exchange your love map for a sweet reward of candy hearts at the Tourist Office in Heist (Pannenstraat 138) or in Knokke (Zeedijk 660).  

EXTRA: Paul Geerts took care of a lovely surprise
Paul Geerts, famous cartoonist and honoured annual guest at the Stripfestival of Knokke-Heist, drew a lovely sketch, especially for Knokke-Heist. His drawing completes the final tiny love note and is a declaration of love and tiny thank you note for all health care professionals. Because these people have been there for us this past year more than ever.


Go and get your free paper love map and set of stickers at our Tourist Office in Knokke (Zeedijk 660), our Tourist Office in Heist (Pannenstraat 138) or at Heldenplein in Heist. Download your digital map here – set of stickers not included. 

The search takes less than one hour. Bring a stroller, step or bike for your little ones, if an hour’s walk is too much for them. All Tiny Love Notes are hidden at safe spots, far from traffic.