Klassiek Leeft Vurig: Chordofoon 20 uur

Ommegang 1
8300 Knokke-Heist
24.02.2024 - 20:00
€ 20,00

Chordophone is a unique collaborative initiative between the Ataneres Ensemble and Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort. Moreover, the piano part is performed on a revolutionary new instrument: the internationally renowned Chris Maene right-handed concert grand piano.

The leading role for this instrument in the production is not accidental. Indeed, in addition to the fact of right-hand strings stretched parallel, the piano is distinguished by defined differences in registers. This gives special opportunities to experiment with timbres. Moreover, the exceptional transparency of these different sound registers blends perfectly with the unique timbre of a classical string orchestra.

Bach's first piano concerto immediately highlights the renowned capacity of both piano and pianist. After Mozart's divertimento in D, the romantic repertoire for string orchestra follows, including Schreker's intermezzo. To finish, the Ataneres Ensemble and audience favourite of the Queen Elisabeth Competition perform Gershwin's sizzling and swinging Rhapsody in Blue.

(Chordophone contains all the ingredients of an ultimately successful, high-quality production: an exotic, yet familiar instrument - played by a top-notch Belgian soloist - with musical highlights throughout the various stylistic periods of classical music).