Eindejaarsconcert 'Closer to Paradise' / Spark & Valer Sabadus 20 uur

Sint-Margaretakerk Knokke
Maurice Lippensplein 1
8300 Knokke-Heist
28.12.2023 - 20:00
€ 30,00
€ 30 Rang 1€ 25 Rang 2€ 20 Rang 3

In the programme 'Closer to Paradise', this quintet's fantastic collaboration with international rising star Valer Sabadus sounds like one musical spark: incomparable music without limits, performances at the highest level, magical modernity!

Sabadus shows why he is famous and the darling at the hotspots of the Baroque music field, worldwide.

He has a beautiful and voluminous voice in the alto with masculine timbre, well-controlled creative embellishments in Baroque style.

Unobtrusive and present at the same time. Sabadus sings with emotional power, moving and stylish.

Sensational fireworks guaranteed!

Five classically highly skilled musicians with the charisma of a rock band and an infinite variety of instruments. That's SPARK, the Classical Band.

This young German top formation is among the fast-rising star ensembles on the international circuit and has become a phenomenon in its own country: virtuoso, sensational and talked-about. With an enormous wealth of sounds, they build bridges between different musical styles and allow special interactions to emerge. A crushing experience you must have experienced once. In a short time, this adventurous quintet has developed from a surprisingly fresh chamber music ensemble into one of Germany's most promising music exports. Wherever they play, these musical pioneers have audiences and critics at their feet.