Vanished Zwin harbours cycling route

Zwin Natuur Park
Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8
8300 Knokke-Heist
03.07.2021 > 31.10.2023 - 08:00 > 18:00
For free

In the Middle Ages, Bruges and Flanders experienced a golden age thanks to the Zwin Channel that provided a connection to the sea. Flourishing international ports were located along this channel.

These days, it is a beautiful cycling area between Knokke-Heist, Sluis, Damme and Bruges. The free cycling map will allow you to discover traces of this rich past in the landscape.


The VR viewers along the route will help stimulate your imagination. Anyone who peers into a viewer will find themselves virtually transported from the current landscape into the bustling medieval port cities. You will be standing in the middle of it all and you can look around 360°.


The cycling route is 60 km. It is signposted and can be shorter. If you scan the QR code on the cycling map, you will receive notifications along the way. As a result, you will see archaeological finds and facts appearing on your smartphone as you cycle the route.

A free cycling map is available in four languages (NL-FR-DE-EN), showing the route and explanations along the way

The cycling map will be available free of charge via Westtoer, the Zwin Nature Park and the tourist offices in the region