This newly created tart is named after Isabella of Spain (1566-1633), who was governess of the Southern Netherlands, to which the Zwin region then belonged, in the early 17th century. When they created this innovative tart, the bakers at Lefevre drew inspiration from two local landmarks: the Isabellavaart canal and the former Fort Isabella. The tart is a combination of a rice pudding tartlet and a frangipane with almonds, chocolate, apricots and plums. They make them fresh every day, so they are sure to delight the palate of even the most discerning customer.

Available at 'Bakkerij Lefevere':

  • Knokkestraat 68, Heist
  • Patriottenstraat 2, Duinbergen
  • Lippenslaan 178, Knokke