North Sea shrimp really are a delicacy. No wonder they are sometimes referred to as the caviar of the North Sea.

Our North Sea shrimp are in their element in warmer water, which is why they are available throughout the summer at the coast, where the sun keeps the water at the right temperature for them. When winter makes its entry, the shrimp move on to warmer waters, which is why they move further out to sea where the water hasn’t cooled off so much.

North Sea shrimp are the basis for many culinary recipes. Shrimp croquettes are still one of the most popular hot starters. The secret of a flavoursome shrimp croquette lies in the shrimp stock. It is the basis for a good croquette.

Fresh North Sea shrimp are available from local fishmongers:

  • Vishandel De Paepe, Knokkestraat 20, Heist
  • Traiteur Gilbert, Burg. Frans Desmidtplein 6, Knokke
  • Homarderie, Van Bunnenplein 25, Knokke
  • Vishandel Irma, Emile Verhaerenlaan 24, Het Zoute  

Delicious shrimp croquettes can be found at your fishmonger or in other catering establishments.