Youtube Route

From the YouTube channel to the sea at Knokke-Heist, Discover your favourite YouTuber’s hotspots via this cycle route

YouTube is like a window to the world. It shows and teaches you much more than you were ever taught in school. For every home, garden and kitchen problem, there is a YouTube video with a solution. We contacted some well-known YouTubers and asked them to show you ‘their’ Knokke-Heist, from nature to food, fashion and various four-wheelers. In their vlogs, they reveal what they find so special about the spots they selected.

The YouTube route is ideal for cycling, especially with Knokke-Heist now wanting to prioritise cyclists. The expansion of the cycle path network makes your two-wheeler the mode of transport of choice for moving around the seaside town. So hop on your bike and follow the trail set out for you by these online guides!

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You may know her as a YouTube vlogger and all-round Instagram influencer. While many follow Sarah Puttemans for her fashion & beauty tips, she also enjoys giving people some insight into her personal life. You might even bump into her on the streets of Knokke-Heist, her second home. Her family and (famous) friends regularly appear in her vlogs.

* The vlog is in Dutch only

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Home-grown tastes better. That’s the motto of gardening specialist Angelo Dorny. For years now, he has been sharing his gardening tips with a large audience, both on YouTube and in magazines. He has also popped up as a green-fingered expert on TV programmes and has several gardening books to his name.

* The vlog is in Dutch only

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Since Hannes Coudenys started highlighting architectural monstrosities years ago with his project ‘Ugly Belgian Houses’, homeowners across the country have prayed they won’t be featured by him. But Hannes has also shown his human side on the TV programme ‘Iedereen Beroemd’ (‘Everybody Famous’), and his YouTube vlog is a window onto his own life.

* The vlog is in Dutch only

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In ‘Zot van Koken’ (‘Mad about Cooking’), we see TV chef Loïc Van Impe stirring pots and pans on our screens every week. Some might also know Loïc from the little screen in their hands, however, both via his own YouTube channel and on Instagram, where Loïc shares his culinary adventures and recipes and chronicles his visits to local producers. Anything to do with cooking, in other words.

* The vlog is in Dutch only

Check out his vlog


Invest-Mobile, Dumortierlaan 108              KM:0

When has a person really ‘made it’? For a lot of people, the answer to this question is being driven around in a golf buggy. What makes these small, nippy buggies so appealing to golfers and others from Knokke-Heist? Hannes recommends Invest Mobile, a company that turns out electric mini-vehicles in a variety of sizes and versions. While they are obviously adept at getting people around a golf course, they work just as well on public roads. How about a 4x4 variant? In his vlog, Hannes finds out where our love of these four-wheelers comes from.


Garage Dhont Bernard, Albertlaan 52          KM: 1,4

Visiting a car garage during a bike ride? We thought it was bizarre, too. But Hannes Coudenys is adamant you should stop by garage Dhont Bernard. While you can, of course, roll in with a regular flat tyre, this place specialises in servicing vintage cars. The garage knows how to handle any type of bodywork—no unwarranted luxury in a seaside resort often overrun with all sorts of high-end vehicles.


Royal Knokke F.C., Burgemeester Graaf Leopold Lippenspark          KM: 2,2

Knokke-Heist is more than sea, sand, hockey and golf: the locals also love football. While the site may be slightly smaller than the neighbouring golf course, the grass at Royal Knokke FC is just as green. Due to the club’s long history, Knokke’s team name includes the addition of ‘royal’, which of course does not look out of place here. A few years ago, the municipality wanted to emphasise the importance of sports to its residents, so it invested in renovating the club’s stand and changing rooms, allowing players to ‘sweat in style’.


BeeOdiversity, various locations in Knokke-Heist         KM: 3,6

Bees are struggling these days. While this may be nothing new, Knokke-Heist is particularly concerned about this sad development. For a number of years now, the municipality has been part of the European BeeOdiversityproject. Because of this, you will see many wooden, hexagonal-shaped huts dotted around the area. These can be found in 15 specially created gardens that provide the bees with flowers. Those wanting to have a peek at the bees going about their business can peer inside. Or simply watch Angelo’s vlog, in which he and a beekeeper get acquainted with the bee colony.


RR Interieur, Natiënlaan 123 / RR Corner, Kustlaan 68 / RR Apart, Lippenslaan 353           KM: 6,9

YouTube vlogger Sarah visited the interior design business, brainchild of design guru Rik Ruebens and his wife Sylvie, and was able to witness the special touch the couple can add to any space. The personalised service you get at RR Interieur comes pretty close. Visits to this interior design salon begin with private parking (also for your bike of course) and a coffee in the lounge, followed by a journey (with tailored advice!) through the many design offerings. Some might even be tempted to go just for the experience! See for yourself how they transform interiors into stylish and luxurious paradises.


AllWaves, Kalvekeetdijk 179          KM: 9,2

In the summer of 2023, this site will be home to a huge experimental pool, set to attract surfers. If everything goes according to plan, it could become Belgium’s first wave pool! Anybody who has ever waded into the North Sea on a surfboard will know that we don’t exactly have the best waves, or at least not all the time. The solution was designed by Flemish company Allwaves, which spent years developing a technology to create the perfect waves on command! No indoor swimming centre can top that.


Bistro AZ Zeno, Kalvekeetdijk 260           KM: 9,7

Everyone knows the culinary experience associated with hospital stays: tasteless mashed potatoes, bland cherry yoghurt,... Knokke-Heist would not be worthy of its name if the new AZ Zeno ‘healing centre’ weren’t home to an excellent restaurant. Loïc Van Impe is not alone in putting this bistro on his list of recommendations, with Chef Pieter De Smet making it into the prestigious Gault & Millau guide. The restaurant’s healthy food is not to be underestimated, either, with all ingredients picked at nearby organic farm Het Polderveld.


Hélihaven Knokke, Herenweg 1         KM: 10,6

While the rest of Flanders is stuck with daily traffic jams, delayed trains and frustrating bus trips, well-to-do Knokke-Heisteners can take a helicopter to their destination. Admittedly, even here, this is only for the happy few. Still, you’re free to take a look around the helicopter base. The heliport has capacity for around 15 helicopters. As they manoeuvre in the sky, why not stop and grab a quick drink? (only during weekends when the weather is dry)


T&T Quality Go-Carts, Het Walletje 26        KM: 11,1

We’ve all done it at least once during our childhood summer holidays. But have you ever wondered who actually makes the iconic go karts that are a set feature along the Belgian coast? Well, it just so happens that the company responsible is based right here in Knokke-Heist. T&T Quality Go-Carts is the only company in the country to still master the art of creating these beloved four-wheelers. Did you know that this is the only place in Europe where go karts can be ridden on public roads? With that in mind, we recommend avoiding any routes that run along the busy seawall next time you hop onto one.


Het Polderveld organic farm, Westkapellestraat 418       KM: 12,4

This next place is warmly recommended by Loïc. Stop by organic farm Het Polderveld, where seasonal organic vegetables are grown all year round. Would you love to get some dirt under your fingernails? Then come lend a hand! The farm is part of the sharing economy: when you become a member of the community, you get to buy your own harvest share, harvesting your vegetables – planted for you by the farmer – yourself.


Bloemenzee - Het Polderveld, Westkapellestraat at number 431        KM: 12,5

Not too far from the North Sea, there is another sea: Bloemenzee (‘Sea of Flowers’). This pick-your-own garden is recommended to us by garden expert Angelo. In his vlog, he invites flower farmer Jozefien to talk about her project and show us which flowers are in bloom in the field. The Sea of Flowers features plenty of them: from daffodils in spring to dahlias heralding the arrival of autumn. Between the two seasons, they organise a weekly ‘picking party’, where you can pick your very own bouquet.


Belfius Base-camp, Herenweg 9       KM: 13,3

No sweat, no glory. While you may have come across this quote online, here it hangs on the wall in blue and black life-size letters. An obvious choice, because these colours reflect that this training complex is Club Brugge’s all-new ‘athletes factory’. As if its four practice pitches weren’t enough, the training complex also has its own indoor artificial pitch, 37 bedrooms and top-of-the-range gymnasium. The base camp, which has been playing host to footballers since 2019, is the jewel in Knokke-Heist’s sporting crown, as well as that of Flemish football as a whole.


Cwart, Kalfstraat 42          KM: 16,1

Built in the 14th-century, this farmhouse is an incubator for artists and other creatives today. That’s the concept of Cwart in a nutshell. The open spaces of this renovated monument can be used for exhibitions, events or even dinners. According to Hannes, the site is a Knokke-Heist must-see.


Kalfmolen, Graaf Jansdijk 270-284        KM: 17

Born in the 21st century? Chances are you might not know how flour used to be made. Do visit to the Kalfmolen in that case. This 17th century mill’s appearance on this list is no real surprise, as it is a regular feature on postcards. While the sails work in the same way as modern windmills’, inside you can still see how the millstone was used to crush the grain into flour. When the miller is on site to operate the mill, you can actually see the process in action. An unforgettable piece of history that Knokke-Heist is particularly proud of.


Blinckaertduinbos (Koningsbos), Boslaan         KM: 18

In the past, you would have seen it glisten in the sun, the top of a large dune south of the Zwin. The light sand of this ‘blinkert’ gradually moved inland, so plants and vegetation were used to keep the dune in place. Today, the Blinckaert has turned into a stretch of forest. In spring and autumn in particular, it’s a palette of lovely colours and a delight to visit. During the sweltering summer months, the shady forest acts as natural air conditioner.


Zwin dunes and polders, entrance via Bronlaan (Graaf Leon Lippensdreef junction)       KM: 19,3

Between the seawall and the nature reserve, you’ll find the dunes and polders of the Zwin. Angelo chose this part of Knokke-Heist as it’s such a lovely area to cycle through. Be sure to dismount from time to time, though, allowing yourself to admire the horses, storks and other wild fauna and flora along the footbridges and ponds.


Het Zwin, Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8          KM: 22

For those who’ve never visited the region before, Angelo is quick to point to Het Zwin, a vast, protected nature reserve, perfect for exploring in peace. As a West Fleming himself, he has many childhood memories of the park, which he’s happy to share with you. Hours of walking, sightseeing and birdwatching fun are guaranteed in what is sometimes referred to as ‘the international airport for birds’. 


Sketch, Kustlaan 339         KM: 26,4

Sister store of Princess, Sketch is another of Sarah’s favourite shopping addresses. Rather than featuring the usual stiff and classic looks, the store champions both the bold and the eclectic. One month their garments are on the catwalk in Milan and Paris, the next they’re here on the shelves. Only designs by the greats like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang or Acne Studios make it onto the racks.


Louis, Antoine Bréartstraat 15        KM: 27,2

The Louis on Antoine Bréartstraat is the brother of Louis in Antwerp. While Sarah Puttemans chose this fashion hotspot for its many international names, such as Acne Studios and Balenciaga, the place also stays true to its roots: you’ll also find items from the collections of Belgian-born Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester and supermodel Cesar Casier here. All this combined beauty becomes apparent in this fashion house’s artistic fashion photography. Inspiring images that make both Sarah’s and our own fashion hearts beat that bit faster.


Verso, Kustlaan 67      KM: 27,5

Looking for a gathering point for all the big brands showing new collections every year at fashion weeks in cities all over the world? Look no further than Verso. The shop, which has been a household name in Antwerp for over 20 years, can now be found by the seafront. An avid fan, Sarah Puttemans shows us which Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino items make her go starry-eyed. ‘Are the people of Knokke-Heist even fashion-conscious?’ she asks Verso’s store manager, who is quick to clear up any doubts. On the coast, people have apparently long been donning more fashionable items than mere flip- flops and beach hats!


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