TikTok route

The route with the funniest and craziest places in Knokke-Heist!

Social media will show you the way in Knokke-Heist. No fewer than six walking and cycling routes based on popular social media channels will take you on a tour of the most interesting places to post on your favourite platform.

The TikTok route is a 27 km bike ride that takes in Knokke-Heist's most upbeat and fun places. 2 families have already gone on a journey of discovery and show you exactly what you can expect on this route. Be inspired by the families of @withkidsontheroad and @hannescoudenys. You can see their videos on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account @myknokkeheist. Ready to give your TikTok followers the best videos ever shot on the Belgian coast? Get set for a crazy ride with the whole family!

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All tutorials for the challenges can be found on the TikTok account of Knokke-Heist @myknokkeheist.

1. 100,000 TOURISTS

Lichttorenplein, architectural firm E&L in collaboration with artist Gert Verhoeven  KM: 0

Time for a few wise facts! The With Kids on The Road family will tell you a bit more about this special square and give you some crazy facts and figures about tourism in our seaside resort.

Did you know that Knokke-Heist has the longest beach on the Belgian coast? It is no less than 9 kilometres long! Knokke-Heist is also the greenest municipality on the coast: 75% of the area consists of polders, meadows, nature reserves, gardens and fields. The resort boasts 300 cafes, bars and restaurants, and 1,500 shops (within the golden shopping triangle on Lippenslaan-Dumortierlaan-Kustlaan and beyond).

Most of our tourists are Belgian (80%), but many people from the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany also come to our coastal municipality. And even people from Italy, Switzerland, Spain and the UK visit our seaside resort. So it’s not surprising that we have an average of 750 visitors per day in the tourist office. It’s very apparent that everyone wants to be in Knokke-Heist! (Okay, we secretly knew that already).


On Swolfsstraat, paper flower bouquets (only from April to the end of October) KM: 0.4

As everyone knows, Knokke-Heist is not only a seaside resort but also a place where you can discover art. The entire municipality is bursting with creativity. And we know there's an artist in you too, right? Have you seen those beautiful flowers that fill the beach all summer? How great would it be to learn how to make them yourself? Watch the tutorial on Knokke-Heist’s TikTok account and you’ll be able to conjure up a bouquet of beach flowers in no time!


Zeedijk 718, Glacier de la Poste KM: 0.5

On the corner of A. Bréartstraat, you will discover the legendary ice-cream parlour Glacier de la Poste, better known as ‘t Postje. It’s hard to choose between all those flavours, as each one looks so delicious!


Albertplein, Kids Beach (only from April to the end of September) KM: 0.65

Kids Beach is an outdoor playground on the beach for children up to the age of 12, full of great attractions. You can do somersaults on the bouncy castles and race on a real car circuit. Happy little faces are guaranteed! Kids Beach is closed in winter, but you can still rent a go-kart here or simply play on the beach, because let’s face it: it’s just one big playground all year round. Would you rather relax? Choose one of the delightful beach bars or terraces on the promenade to enjoy an aperitif and raise a glass to life and love.


Prins Filiplaan 1, Minigolf Knokke-Zoute KM: 1.2

You’re never too young to learn. Many local residents take their first steps on the green here. In 2019, this place was even named one of the world’s most sensational minigolf courses in the British newspaper The Guardian! Pretty cool, eh?


Zeedijk-Het Zoute at Appelzakstraat, Surfers Paradise KM: 3.5

Surfers Paradise is a water sports club in the middle of the dunes, right next to the Zwin nature reserve, where you can go surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and much more. Then you can recover from all that exertion with a drink in the Californian dream clubhouse or on the large beach terrace. Did you know that you can rent a Godzilla SUP here and head out on the water with the whole family? How fantastic is that!? Check out our TikTok channel to see how much fun it is!


Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8, The Shelter KM: 6.2

If Zwin Nature Park could be called the largest international airport for birds, then The Shelter is definitely the terminal. This high-end, versatile and comfortable bistro is located at the entrance to the Zwin. As you watch birds landing and bathing in the ponds, enjoy homemade pancakes, a quick lunch or even a gourmet meal. The menu also offers plenty of dishes to suit even the youngest of visitors. And the outdoor playground, located near the observation base, offers plenty of great adventures. 


Zoutelaan 177, Marie Siska KM: 9.5

Hotel Marie Siska has been a household name in Knokke-Heist for over 100 years. Did you know that dance sensation Joséphine Baker was completely crazy about their famous heart-shaped waffles? And as a parent, you can easily relax here, as Marie Siska's playground is a minor miracle! Your kids certainly won’t be bored: there’s a pirate ship, a majestic castle, a spaceship and even a maze… whatever you can imagine, at Marie Siska they’ve already created it!



Outdoor fitness at Burgemeester Graaf Leopold Lippenspark KM: 12,8 

No need to explain to local residents that sea air is good for you. And a fitness session outside in the fresh air? That’s twice as healthy! In Burgemeester Graaf Leopold Lippenspark, the local council has installed a wide range of new fitness equipment amongst the greenery, making exercising together feel just that little bit more fun! Feel like doing some strength training after a nice run in the park? Everything’s possible in this outdoor fitness area! People who like to share their workouts on TikTok can now enjoy a beautiful green backdrop. So time to get your sweat on! 


Duinenwater 43, Sportoase Duinenwater KM: 13.9

Why only come to the coast to swim in the sea? Sportoase Duinenwater offers a swimming complex with slides and other relaxing pools that are nothing like anything found in the sea. Here, you’ll never get water that is just that little bit too cold, salt in your eyes and sand everywhere! And if you find yourself missing the crashing of the waves on the beach, take a dip in the dedicated wave pool. There is also a 25-metre swimming pool where you can simply swim lengths in peace. In Knokke-Heist, experience water fun at its best! 


Nieuwstraat 127, Bistro and B&B De Zes Bochten KM: 14.7

Not much further than six bends (‘zes bochten’) from the centre of Knokke-Heist, you will find a converted farmhouse surrounded by greenery. With its fantastic indoor and outdoor playgrounds, this place is a sure-fire hit with kids! And you should definitely take a closer look at that plane.


Here, you will have to make a choice. Do you still have some energy and feel like a historical adventure? If so, follow the long route to the For Freedom Museum 12 in Ramskapelle, which is about 10 kilometres away. Or are your legs already a bit sore from all that cycling? If so, go straight to the HEY experience centre via the shorter route.


Ramskapellestraat 91/93, For Freedom Museum KM: 18.6

The For Freedom Museum vividly and realistically depicts the dark times of World War II with its collection of uniforms, vehicles and aircraft remains. Be sure to follow the informative audio tour recorded by Flemish actor Lucas Van den Eynde, with lifelike background sounds. There’s no better place to relive part of our history from the front row.


Pannenstraat 138, HEY Knokke-Heist experience centre KM: 22.3

In the brand-new HEY experience centre, you can discover all about the past, present and future of Knokke-Heist. You will dive into the history of our seaside resort and get to know the iconic figures that helped to shape the municipality. There’s something for everyone, young and old alike. Can't wait to go on a journey of discovery? We can’t either, so you can already take a peek over our shoulders on TikTok!


Elizabetlaan, playgrounds in Directeur-Generaal Willemspark KM: 23

Knokke-Heist does things properly, so if we build one playground it’s only natural that we would immediately put another one next to it! In the Willemspark playgrounds, you can play, climb and romp around to your heart's content. Wonderful! The recurring theme in the play landscape is the animals of the forest. For example, you can bounce up and down on the bee seesaw, whirl around on the ladybird merry-go-round or take the intrepid rope course with the ants. Let your kids go wild, or unleash your own inner child on the large spiral slide!


Zeedijk-Duinbergen 300 Z, Anemos Beach Club KM: 23.7

Thanks to Anemos Beach Club, we have our own Venice Beach here in Knokke-Heist. It might be lacking a few palm trees, but the vibe is perfect!  Ow yeah! So join the club and learn kitesurfing or windsurfing. In addition to all the water sports, there is also a pump track at the club. Who will take on the challenge?


Zeedijk-Duinbergen 393, Bij Sandy KM: 24.1

At Sandy, they’ve been serving the freshest homemade ice creams on the Zeedijk for over fifteen years. All their ice cream is made using milk from their own cows, which graze just a stone’s throw away on the polders. It would be hard to find a shorter chain, and you can certainly taste it in the creamy texture of every scoop of fresh farmhouse ice cream. Pure, natural and with seasonal fruit on top? Going, going… gone! 



Joseph Stübbenpark, Minigolf Duinbergen KM: 24.5

The charming Duinbergen district is certainly worth a visit. There aren’t many high-rise buildings here and many of the old villas with their red roofs in cosy cottage style are listed buildings. The minigolf course is equally enchanting: you can play golf among the greenery and the flowers, in peace and quiet. How many strokes will you need? Will you manage a hole in one?

19. fluo party

Lippenslaan 279, Rocco KM: 26.8

Making all those TikTok videos is hard work. And no wonder, given that you have to compete against all those other videos, with their dances and bright colours. As such, true professionals will definitely benefit from a striking TikTok outfit with the right accessories. This is something that the team at Rocco are very well aware of. From hats and swimming trunks to roller skates and everything in between … Here, everything seems to have been dipped in fluorescent paint so as to help you really pop on screen later. 


Van Bunnenplein, Ask the animals, and they will teach you (Jeremy Deller) KM: 27

Have you ever wanted to shoot out of the mouth of a chameleon? Well, in Knokke-Heist you can! The Chameleon Slide, which was part of the Beaufort art project and has now found a permanent place on Van Bunnenplein, has already been tested and approved by Astrid Coppens and her young daughter. Now don't cry, dear TikTokkers... but unfortunately the Chameleon is our last hotspot on the TikTok route. Thanks for taking part. We're really curious to see all your videos!


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