The route with the funniest & craziest places in Knokke-Heist!

Social media shows you the way in Knokke-Heist. No less than five walking and cycling routes based on well-known social media platforms will take you on a tour of the most interesting places to post on your favourite platform.

he TikTok route is a 17.9 km bike ride that takes in Knokke-Heist's most upbeat and fun places. And there’s more: discover the TikTok challenges we have created with famous TikTokkers to make the route totally TikTok-proof! Ready to give your TikTok followers the best videos ever shot on the Belgian coast? Get set for a crazy ride with the whole family!

Go for it! There is only one rule: be creative. And ask the youngest people in the group for help - they’re bound to know how it works.

All the tutorials for the challenges can be found on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account @myknokkeheist.

You can find the map of the route below.


Lichttorenplein, architecture firm E&L in collaboration with artist Gert Verhoeven      KM: 0

The Lichttorenplein is the starting point of the route. In Knokke-Heist it is known as ‘the pink square’, and you will immediately see why. You will find the Tourism Knokke-Heist information point inside the tower. With its coloured blocks, steps and pink fountain, this is the perfect playground for your first video!


The magic stones can make you seem to float! Want to find out how to do this yourself? Check out the tutorial by TikTok celebrity Maud on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account.


Level with A. Bréartstraat, Tomorrow Man made by the sea by Catherine François      KM: 0.4

Is that a real man there, bending over? No, it's a work of art by Catherine François. You can see a naked man protecting himself from the water and the wind. The sculpture weighs almost half a ton and stands out from far away because of its height (two metres). This work is gradually changing colour due to the sunlight, wind and rain. After all, we humans are insignificant compared to the power of nature!


Try to convince your followers that you can jump over this statue. Prop your mobile up and play with the perspective so that you really seem to be leapfrogging over the statue!  Check out the tutorial on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account.


Zeedijk 718, Glacier de La Poste      KM: 0.5

On the corner of A. Bréartstraat, you will discover the legendary ice-cream parlour Glacier de la Poste, better known as ‘t Postje. It's hard to choose from all the delicious flavours! But before you decide, read all about the ice-cream challenge below...


TikTok star Sarah Bossuwé has come up with a special dance for this challenge. The best thing about the ice-cream challenge is that you need an ice cream to do it :-). Be sure to learn the dance moves before buying the ice cream - they melt quickly! View the tutorial on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account.


Albertplein      KM: 0.65

Welcome to the place m’as-tu vu, or place to see and be seen. The rich citizens of our seaside resort used to strut their stuff along all the terraces here, giving Albertplein its famous nickname. Even the Kennedys had a close link with the area and would sometimes try to stroll around incognito. And in Knokke-Heist we show off our bikinis - we go all-out for glamour! The square is undergoing a complete transformation at the moment and by the summer of 2023 it will boast a glass pavilion. A real eye-catcher for this ‘Place m’as-tu vu’, or place to see and be seen.


Time for a magical dress code switch! Create a TikTok video in which you change from your bikini into a glamorous outfit in the blink of an eye. Check out the tutorial on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account.


Prins Filiplaan 1, Minigolf Knokke-Zoute KM:      1.2

You’re never too young to learn. Many local residents take their first steps on the green here. In 2019, this place was even named one of the world’s most sensational minigolf courses in the British newspaper The Guardian! Pretty cool, eh?


Get the ball to follow an insane route with impossible twists and turns, and still end up in the hole! Be inspired by the tutorial on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account.


Dunes in the Zwin, right at the end of the dyke towards the Netherlands       KM: 4.4

You can barely say Knokke-Heist without also thinking of Zwin Nature Park. But the dunes and polders between the nature reserve and the sea are also the perfect place to get some fresh air. Or create a crazy TikTok video, of course. With all this space to play with, your next video will make TikTok go wild!


Repeat last year's TikTok family trend here in out in nature. Choose a spot in the dunes and sit one behind the other, then take turns to move your head from left to right! Can you keep a straight face? Check out the tutorial on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account.


Dunes in front of the Zwin, Hospitality by Barry Flanagan      KM: 4.6

People who like a familiar meeting place in Knokke-Heist will often choose the much-loved hare at the end of Zeedijk-Het Zoute. With its legs outstretched, it seems to be flying across the flats. In West Flemish dialect, he is also known as ‘’t Keun’ or ‘Keuning van' t Zwin’ (King of the Zwin). But children often call him Bugs Bunny. The artist Barry Flanagan has also created five other leaping bronze hares which are installed in public spaces all over the world.


Sarah Bossuwé has come up with a fun dance to the famous Bugs Bunny song. Can you do the swish swish? Check out the tutorial on Knokke-Heist's TikTok account!


Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8, Zwin Nature Park      KM: 5.9

Welcome to the biggest international airport for birds! The nature reserve is a huge attraction for our feathered friends. If you’re Belgian there’s a good chance you will have been here before, as most Flemish schools come here on excursions. And so they should. A state-of-the-art bunker was recently built in the reserve, to serve as a visitor centre and observation base.


Who is that funny bird that was spotted in the Zwin? Let your hair down and do the birdie dance, just like Maud. You’ll make the whole family laugh!


Lippenslaan 101, mural by Kamagurka on the side wall of 'De Traiteur by Vandycke'   KM: 11.8

Anyone who films TikTok videos outside will know that's a great way to make your videos stand out. People who can overcome their shyness will soon end up dancing madly in public. In this street, you will find a mural with all kinds of figures doing equally crazy things. The side wall of De Traiteur by Vandycke, a well-known delicatessen in Knokke-Heist, features a mural by the well-known cartoonist Kamagurka. He came up with a hilarious illustration of life in and around the delicatessen. If you look closely, you can almost see some of the figures doing a TikTok challenge.


Find the figure with the five faces. Now try to shake your head quickly from left to right too, and turn it into a slow-motion movie!


Abraham Hansplein, Two Large AVL Men by Joep Van Lieshout      KM: 12.6

Two orange men, both eight metres tall, are shaking hands. What might they be saying to each other? This polyester sculpture is a real eye-catcher in Knokke-Heist. Joep Van Lieshout created this work on the roundabout at Abraham Hansplein. Just like the AVL men, two major roads meet here. Traffic coming from inland meets cars driving along the coast.


Sarah Bossuwé has come up with the BFF challenge, a dance you can do with your best friend. Show us the love!


Duinenwater 41, Lakeside Paradise      KM: 14.4

This is an absolute lakeside paradise! You won’t find such an idyllic spot for water sports anywhere else in the area. Adventure seekers and water lovers will have a great time here, thanks to the range of activities on offer. Overcome your fear of heights on the cableway or test your balance on a wakeboard. A fitness centre, swimming pool, skate park or youth club? You name it, we’ve got it all covered!


This is where you will find the skaters and wakeboarders of Knokke-Heist. But you can take this challenge even if you’ve left your skateboard at home. Check out the tutorial on Knokke-Heist’s TikTok account!



Nieuwstraat 127, Bistro and B&B De Zes Bochten      KM: 15.4

Not much further than six bends (‘zes bochten’) from the centre of Knokke-Heist, you will find a converted farmhouse surrounded by greenery. With a view of the sunflower field across the road, you can come here with the whole family to enjoy fresh waffles and other delicious dishes in the bistro. With its indoor and outdoor playgrounds, this place is also 100% kidproof! Do you like it so much you can’t bear to leave? Simply stay over in one of the eight brand-new family rooms. Tempting or what!


Time for a break! So no challenge this time, just enjoy a tasty pancake or waffle. Bon appétit!


Keith Haringplein, Duinenwater   KM: 16

Because Knokke-Heist fell in love with one of its best-known visitors, pop artist Keith Haring, this square was named after him. Unfortunately you won’t find any graffiti here, but the cheerful soul of his colourful works is still evident in the playful fountains in the middle of the square.


The square lacks Keith Haring's iconic figures, so why not take on the task yourself? Use the long bench seat to try out the well-known plank challenge from a few years ago. Just how plank-like can you go?


Dumortierlaan, Social Sofa project from Tilburg      KM: 17.7

Anyone who takes a seat on the Social Sofa to relax needs to know the story behind it. Social Sofa is a Dutch initiative that aims to bring people in a neighbourhood together. The colourful designs can be found all over the world, from Ravenna, Barcelona and Munich to our very own Knokke-Heist. In Belgium, there are around fifteen sofas created by artists in collaboration with people who have difficulty finding work. Each sofa is unique and it took a staggering six hundred hours of craftsmanship to make the mosaic. Even more proof that we are committed to art in our seaside resort!


Today I feel like doing a little dance. Especially for this hotspot, Sarah Bossuwé has come up with a cool routine!

15. MAZE

Dumortierlaan, landscape architect Aldrik Heirman in collaboration with artist Jan Vercruysse      KM: 17.9

Several years ago, Knokke-Heist joined forces with Belgian landscape architect Aldrik Heirman to design the IJzerpark. The result is a gently rolling landscape that follows the natural lines of the dunes in the surrounding area. As a tree grower, Heirman was adamant that the park should grow and flower according to the rules of nature, not human rules. Deeper inside the park, you will discover the collaboration with artist Jan Vercruysse. He created a maze that he christened ‘The Pleasure Garden’, so you absolutely have permission to have fun here! This is the last hotspot, so don't panic if you can't find the exit right away.


In the maze, look for a place where you have a good view of what is going on. Get someone to stand there and film everything from above. Then you can race like crazy through the maze. Tons of fun guaranteed!

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